Battle of the YouTube Superstar: NapTime versus Lip Syncing Dad, Solutions for the Whole Family…

From time to time we all need the occasional escape from our busy family lives. While the man shed is a fast disappearing hide out, there are new and creative solutions available to us all.

Included for your viewing pleasure are two of the most highly rated YouTube family solution videos. NapTime by Chris Capel provides the ultimate easy one step solution to a lack of peace and quiet. Lip syncing dad on the other hand takes a far different approach to a similar problem, turning an explosively loud tantrum into one of the funniest YouTube videos this week.

Get comfortable, make sure the kids are in the other room and hit the play button to see two hilariously original approaches to a universal problem.


Providing the ultimate easy to use time-out solution is NapTime, a new product by Chris Capel. A product guaranteed to give you hours of peace and quiet with no mess and no fuss. Finally a solution that can quietly knock out even the most stubbornly hyperactive tantrum.

highpants-naptime-vesus-lip-syncing-dad-naptimeNapTime is actually just one of Chris’s comedy bits made available on YouTube, Living with Jigsaw is also definitely worth checking out, the real life of movie characters is often hilariously challenging. With over four years of hilarity on his channel there is plenty to keep you laughing through the next extended tantrum.

For Lip Syncing Dad Kathy Sterner filmed her husband as he decided to lighten the mood during a rather volcanic tantrum by his six year old daughter. With a casual interest in improv and comedy dad is handed the perfect material as his daughter repeats the same 30 second distress call for an hour. After ad-nauseum had set in the lip syncing became easy.

Adding to the risk factor for Lip Syncing Dad’s performance, which is equally as funny as his daughter’s tantrum is spectacular, is the risk of sending her tantrum right off the Richter scale if she sees him in action. Still the YouTube world is glad he rolled the dice and took the risk.

Both videos highlight the universally applicable theme of how nice a little peace and quiet can be, but which video is the winner of the battle? Looking at the numbers in 5 months NapTime has been viewed 2.7 million times while Lip Syncing Dad has kept the world laughing with 3.1 million views in two weeks, quite a performance. Here at Highpants we have to go with the numbers as well, Lip Syncing Dad kept people laughing for the longest around here, making Lip Synching Dad the unanimous victor.

Family life, covering the full spectrum of emotional extremes, a roller coaster ride with highs and lows. Helping to get us through it all is the ability to laugh during the lows, that and a bottle of NapTime on hand at all times.

Buddhas Brother out…