Battle of the YouTube Superstar: Kung Fu Grandpa versus the Welsh Maradona…

YouTube, the King of funny video clips has a seemingly endless supply of pure gold funny videos. Amongst this stream of pure gold YouTube often throws up video’s of extreme hilarity, this week it threw up two.

Two videos that are battling for the title of YouTube superstar this week, staring two of the greatest self taught athletic geniuses in recent years. Both videos strangely also demonstrate obsessive compulsive behavior in car parks.

In the left corner fighting in grandad pants is the Kung Fu Grandpa, fighting to protect the car parks of America. With nun chucks drawn, swinging at light speed Kung Fu Grandpa dazzles his opponents with ninja like skills.

Fighting in the right corner is the Welsh Maradona, car park air ball extraordinaire. Keeping Welsh car parks safe for all shoppers, young and old. With his trusty soccer ball by his side, a ball that never touches the ground, the Welsh Maradona wards off criminals with his inflated orb of destruction.

Kung Fu Grandpa…

Training in car parks while his wife wanders the mall, Kung Fu Grandpa endlessly practices his Kung Fu techniques. With single minded determination he wields his nun chucks with grace. Still human Kung Fu Grandpa makes mistakes, and feels the pain. Though he is made of tough stuff, shake it off Kung Fu Grandpa, shake it off.

Tom Bell is the now famous Kung Fu Grandpa, car park superhero and man behind the legend. Behind the camera Parstor ARM also adds his voice to the video, creating the charismatic backing track to the video.

The Welsh Maradona …

After being unemployed for a number of years Welshman Andrew Cassidy aka the ‘Welsh Maradona’ became obsessed with developing his soccer skills, dreaming of a new life as a soccer star. Coming to the world’s attention almost by accident Andrew may finally achieve his dream in a completely unexpected way. After a group of likely lads (youff) stumbled upon Andrew practicing in a shopping centre car park and decided to film the most unusual sight Andrew’s videos have become an internet sensation. Bringing fame through his soccer skills, but sadly with no sign of a club contract.

Originally filmed in Milford Haven Docks in Pembrokeshire, Wales Andrew has gone on to film other clips in many other local car parks. With his internet following slowly building Andrew is now in the eye of mainstream media, having recently been interviewed by the Daily Mail, Andrews story is just beginning.

According to YouTube views Kung Fu Grandpa wins by a knock out. With 9 million views in two weeks Kung Fu Grandpa crushes Andrew Cassidy who is nearing 3 million views in two and a half weeks. Although looking at the number of videos that have been spawned by the original the fight is far closer. Both videos however have been judge to be hilarious by the Highpants team, but then we do still love the fat train video?

(Blip picture at the very top of the article is of 86 year old Grand Master Li)