Battle of the What If Video: What If Google was a Guy Versus What If EA were Honest…

Today two videos enter the ring, both battling to be the funniest parody what if video. Both generate laughs by pointing a comic spotlight towards the funny foibles of our modern lives, social commentary has never been so much fun.

In the blue corner weighing in at 2 minutes 12 seconds is the current parody champion ‘What If Google was a Guy? Brought to us by College Humour this is the odds on favourite in tonight’s battle.

In the red corner weighing in at 3 minutes and a single second is ‘If Electronic Arts were Honest’. Brought to us by YouTube upstart Gaming Wildlife who have produced a serious contender.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are the two funniest what if video’s to appear in recent times, both videos vying to produce the most comic relief in this work a day world.

What if Google was a Guy?

Posing a humorous supposition College Humour asks the question then delivers on the answers in chuckle buckets full.

The YouTube comedy troop once again generate laughs by daring to go there. Imagine if the questions you ask of Google search were posed to a real person, how many of those questions might seem a little absurd?

What if Electronic Arts were 100% Honest?

Electronic Arts has a legendary history within the video game industry, legendary for both good and bad. Allowing us to laugh about the collective pain we have all felt at the hands of EA does help, even if for only a few minutes.

Gaming Wildlife feels our pain and has expressed it on our behalf, producing a funny take on a thought we have all had.


The winner by unanimous point’s decision in tonight’s battle is the Google Guy, College Humour has once again produced a winner. Taking the battle on both pure laugh value and views the Google Guy can’t be questioned when it comes to comic ability.

Google Guy
The real John Riccitiello
The real John Riccitiello