BatDad, Righting the Worlds Wrongs One Injustice at a Time…

BatDad is the new face of everyone’s favourite superhero, continuing the fight to right wrongs and stand up to injustice. There is no injustice too small or crime too petty for this dark night.

Even Superheros grow up eventually, what happens when Batman settles down and has a family? Can the caped crusader continue his life of crime fighting while doing daddy duties? Nappy changes in one hand while pummeling a bad guy with the other, all in a day’s work for BatDad.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the hilarious BatDad in action, sit back, relax and watch the winged avenger weave his magic.

BatDad is an example of an interesting new trend, originally shot as Vines (short 15 sec videos that are tweeted) and assembled into the video it proves that good videos can be shot 15 seconds at a time.. The new Vines phenomenon has reminded us here at Highpants that videos are shot one scene at a time, Vines simply encourage releasing each scene as its shot, instead of waiting for the complete video. Shoot it and see what works.

Like an enigma wrapped in a riddle tied off with a mystery and sent to an unknown address, this is BadDad, so many questions remain unanswered. Is BatDad the evolution of a superhero or one father with far too much time? Who is this winged wonder, who lies behind the mask, who is BatDad?