Bad Lip Reading Present the 2015 Republican Debate, Laugh Harder.

While many may believe the funniest thing to come out of the Republican primaries so far has been Donald Trump’s hair or Hilary Clinton’s email accounts, but they would be wrong. The funniest thing so far, by far has to be Bad Lip Readings interpretation of the first Republican debate of 2015. With all likely candidates on stage, all trying to impress a hungry nation of red voters, the Bad Lip Readers have given us their interpretation of American politics at its best. Everyone naturally thinks they can read lips but unfortunately usually we are all just lip reading badly.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the video that upset all of the elephants in the room. Bad Lip Reading have turned the sound down on the first republican debate of 2015 to provide laugh out loud moments galore. Just try not to laugh as they all start singing.

Reference: BadLipReading YouTube