Bad Days the Latest Episode, Godzilla having a Bad Day…

YouTube masters of laughter CineFix have released the latest episode of their hilarious series Bad Days. This week’s episode ‘Godzilla – Bad Days’ offers an alternative perspective to the adventures of Japans angriest export.

The film actually took a lot of heat this week for its overweight Godzilla monster. Now mercilessly CineFix line up the flabby destructive force for yet another slap down in this scathingly hilarious parody.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is Godzilla having a Bad Day, the video that reminds us that even giant lizard monsters have bad days too. Keep an eye out for Stan Lee too; he makes an appearance each week, adding his timeless comic talents to every episode. Sit back, relax and remember when Godzilla has a bad day, everyone has a bad day.