Awesome Steam Punk Retro Gaming with the R-Kaid-R…

Gaming loving gadget maker Love Hulten has released the dedicated gamers dream toy, the steam punk inspired R-Kaid-R retro gaming console. The limited edition toy is expensive but delivers the ultimate retro arcade experience in spades.

Under the hood MAME, Sega and Nintendo emulators run from within the R-Kard-R’s custom operating system. A copy of Cave Story is included and other arcade classics can be played on the 8inch 800×600 integrated screen. The controls are pure old school arcade with a solid metal joystick and large heavy duty buttons. The only obvious down side is the price, being limited edition (only 50 for each of the 5 colors) you might expect it to be expensive but $3,400 might shock many wallets back into pockets.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the video that proves old video games never die, they go to the arcade emulated heaven that is the R-Kaid-R. Sit back, relax and remember that flashback memories are always better than the reality.

Reference: Love Hulten