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Fireworks Poi, Very Cool.

The start of July seems to be the fireworks time of year for many places around the world, even the Northern Territory in Australia gets into the act on Territory day. Zane Miller used this celebratory opportunity to let off some fireworks and combined it with his Poi skills to produce one hell of a spectacular video. Substituting the Poi with fireworks turned out to be just as spectacular as it was dangerous.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the hypnotic twist on fire twirling that is fireworks poi, faster, spinnier and even more dangerous than the fire stick. Sit back relax and remember don’t look directly at the flame, it will make you dizzy.

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Animal Farm has Arrived, Dog Steals Hose Chases Man.

Animal Farm may be an allegory but I bet Orwell would be as surprised as anyone to see his animal tale come to life, but it has. Americas Funniest Video recently captured the evidence and it starts with one friendly black dog who takes the lead in the revolution and turns the hose on his owner. The very soaked and surprised pet owner now abides by the mantra that everyone is equal before the hose and everyone gets equal time with the hose, still a democratic improvement for the household.

Democracy in action has never been this funny, and let’s face it the dog is good, really corrals that human while giving him a generous soaking. Could teaching his human to fetch be next for this clever black dog? Sit back relax and prepare to enjoy the most humorous table turning in many years.

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The TSA’s 12 Signs you’re a Terrorist.

Travel through any of America’s airports and you will encounter a new level of security that only an organisation such as the TSA could provide. In order to make your journey as smooth as possible ReasonTV have provided 12 simple things to keep in mind while traversing these security hotspots.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the hilarious travel guide for a smooth journey. Tips that will hopefully make your trip as un-invasive as possible. Sit back relax and remember to not look nervous, that’s two points automatically.

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Boycott Jurassic World, the Proclamation of Funny.

Sometimes a trip to the movies involves far more than a cinematic journey, especially when accidental racism is involved. Comedian and outraged cinema goer Guzzy Bear recently experienced this very phenomenon while venturing to the movies for the latest block buster Jurassic World. Reacting very strongly to the apparent racism in the film Guzzy takes a stand! His video proclamation to the world ‘Boycott Jurassic World’. Guzzy’s message unfortunately has been clouded by the fact that the video is so funny that no one knows if he’s serious or not, not even the cameraman filming his fired up friend.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the video that has the internet simultaneously scratching its head and laughing. A case of comic relief or relief of a comic, I’m still not sure? Sit back relax and just try not to laugh.

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There Is One Flop better than a Belly Flop, the Ultimate Back Flop…

Normally the belly flop is the dive of choice for those wishing to make an impression at the pool but one true master of the h20 has recently put them all to shame, performing the world’s most perfect back flop.

Seeming to pause in mid-air and with an almost spirit level perfectly flat orientation contact with the water occurred almost completely simultaneously across her entire body, the splash generated (as you will see) is truly tremendous.

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It Turns Out Cats Get Brain-Freeze Too.

Who would have guessed that not only do cats get brain-freeze just like us but theirs is even more hilarious than the human variation. With its sweet rich flavours and smooth texture ice-cream is easy to overdo but it will in the process send cold blood rushing to your brain creating the now infamous brain-freeze.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are the hilarious videos of our funny little feline friends experience brain-freeze for themselves. Sit back relax and let the frozen hilarity begin.

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Crazy Drunk People Fighting Jedi Magic Style.

The Jedi arts may be seen by many as a collection of fictional philosophies wrapped in CGI but from time to time Jedi battles are caught on tape. The most recent evidence to appear on the internet captures a pair of vodka assisted Jedi masters battling over the last drop in the house. With their full array of fighting abilities on show and the power of each move bristling in the atmosphere around them it is hard to question the power of these Jedi masters.

Presented for you viewing pleasure are two hilarious crazy drunk people demonstrating alcohol induced magical powers, Jedi with a twist of Gangnam style. Sit back relax and be prepared to roll around the floor, laughing.

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The A-10C Warthog Close Air Support.

The concentrated delivery of firepower is the secret to winning battles and no-other aircraft symbolizes that better the A-10 Warthog. Delivering incredible amounts of ordinance up close and personally also makes the A-10 a front line soldiers best friend. Just the sound of its rotary gun firing is enough to put fear into the enemy and  bring relief to front-line infantry. Presented for your viewing pleasure is the incredible story of the A-10C Warthog captured by those that fly it.

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K-Pop with Goats, Just Too Damn Funny and a Little Catchy.

Is it right to mix K-Pop (Korean Pop) with videos of goats screaming along? Is it a commentary on the dulcet tones of Korea’s favourite pop artists? Here at SickLittleMonkey all we know for sure is that it’s so damn funny you’ll be too busy trying not to wet yourself to worry of the moral implications such videos pose.

To be fair the style of pop is basically irrelevant, the goats are the stars in these mashup videos. As demonstrated by the goat edition supercut, goats screaming to everyone’s favourite pop tunes from around the world. It’s just as funny as goat K-Pop, maybe even more so.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are the best pop videos with goats that the internet has to offer. Video’s that demonstrate just how good goats are at pop music, and goats don’t use voicoders. Sit back relax and please consider wearing funny bone protective gear, this one might just break it.

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Children’s Russian Roulette…

Having kids may seem a little like playing roulette (some say Russian) but who knew you could actually play roulette with them. Of course in the children’s version of the infamous and deadly game you take a pie to the face instead of drilling a hole in your head with a bullet.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the game that builds the fundamentals of comedy into a children’s toy. A toy that still manages to generate the same tension as the grown up game but with far less mess to clean up. Sit back relax and remember that failure is always an option.

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