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A History of: The Turbo Button…

Does chasing the Crack-Dragon make life any better?

At the early dawn of computing there were three buttons that sat at the front of all PC’s, Power, Reset and Turbo.

The original IBM PC released in 1981 had a CPU clocked at 4.7hz, slow by today’s standards but for its day it was a beast and affordable. People very quickly learned to push the PC to its limits leading to the desire for more power – we always want more – this chasing of the Crack-Fox led to the creation of the myth of Turbo.

With more power – by 1986 the PC ran at 12mhz – came unexpected consequences, many games would run at frantic speeds – imagine Pacman on crack – Turbo was brilliant at speeding up CPU suckers, not so good at getting along though, with Turbo switched on CPU’s had a tendency to freeze. Compatibility was a serious problem. This was especially true for serious Apps such as word processors, with Turbo on they would crash at the least convenient time – before saving i usually found.

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Sony PlayStation Portable 2, Hand Full of Revolution…

Sony on Friday announce the PSP2 – Sony insists on using the name NGP Next Generation Portable. Finally all of the rumours can be dispelled, the PSP2 is no longer vapour ware. Even more outrageous is it seems to be everything that we have been asking for. Sony listening, to real people, impossible.

Sony is reportedly pitching the PSP2 as a high-end portable equivalent to its PS3. The gaming content on the platform will clearly differentiate the handheld from Apple’s and Google’s mobile products as well as the games found on the App Store and the Android Market.



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Lost Circuits…

The temporary nature of knowledge

I never realized how temporary knowledge is, until I heard the story of the mos6502’s death. The fact that we can coin a term such as Technology Archaeology for a cpu that is still in use to this day is more than a little strange. Normally we think of archaeology as rediscovering things hundreds or thousands of years old, but Technology Archaeology shows us we can forget things much quicker than that.

Porn for Noids…

Fear and Noiding in Las Vegas
CES gives us a glimpse of what drool worthy gadgets are coming up and the general direction of consumer electronics technology. The toys we’ll be paying good coin for in a couple of years are tucked away in quiet rooms. With every major electronics manufacturer under the one roof displaying their wares this is the place to be for Noids.