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Illuminati 2015: Predictions and the Labors of Man.

Presented for your viewing pleasure today are videos designed to deal with the near future and to discuss the reality of the situation we find ourselves in. The following videos have been produced by Anonymous and AnarchyWorld, both of whom are fighting hard, along with many other good people, to provide a mirror to not only to shine a light on the truth but also to invert the perceptions that have been crafted for us.

The financial system collapse and the almost complete fallacy that money is real seems to be the common theme within most predictions, and for good reason, it is an important control mechanism and it is the proverbial rug being pulled from under our feet. Close behind financial turmoil is the outright attack on person freedoms through new terrorism based laws and the militarization of government departments such as police departments who are already more than willing to demonstrate the brutal use of force.

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The Return of the Strange Sounds Around the World.

Around this time of the year two years ago a strange audible phenomenon swept the world, strange sounds were heard emanating from the sky and underground. Now two years later the sounds have mysteriously returned to the skies once more.

Some have described the disturbing sound as a UFO humming in the sky without one being visible, others are calling it Gabriel’s Trumpet and yet others are calling it The Hum. No matter the name given this anomalous sound is creeping people out everywhere it is heard.

In the last few months numerous videos have appeared on YouTube, videos which suggest this is not a localised noise as the same noise is being echoed around all four corners of the globe.

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The DIY Match-Head Rocket, Evil Genius!…

As children almost all of us experimented with matches, some just burnt things while others attempted to launch themselves into space by making match-head rockets. Possibly the most effective and efficient design of match rocket has recently been released onto an unsuspecting world by YouTuber Grant Thomas. Using only a single match head and some aluminium Grants Match-Head Rocket design is able to launch up to 40 feet.

Join Grant for his DIY instructional video as he runs us through the manufacture of these incredible little flying machines. He has even fine tuned his manufacturing process to the point that he can produce dozens of pre-assembled rockets in mere minutes. Also included for your view pleasure and continuing the rocket theme is one of the funniest butt rocket compilations ever to make its way onto YouTube. Sit back relax and prepare to be educated and entertained.

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Techno Beat RGB LED Coffee Tables, the Next Generation…

Illuminating our lives with their high tech brightness LED’s have quickly taken over the world. DIY projects abound for this wonder technology, you can literally now find instructions to jam the low power lights into almost anything but there is one project that continues to fascinate, the LED coffee table. People have been devising cunning ways to integrate LED’s into coffee tables for many years but a new generation of illuminating furniture is bringing a whole new rockin set of features to our living rooms.

Using modern processing power, wireless networking, infrared transmitters and receivers the LED coffee table is now interactive, add mobile phone control and you have a thoroughly modern take on a piece of furniture that even cave men made use of. All of this adds up to coffee tables that can play the part of disco lights, are touch sensitive, play video games, yes even Tetris, and generally look cool while supporting your beverages.

Two of our favourite examples of the latest generation of LED coffee table are by RGB Styles and Julius Fischer. Jump to Julius’ webpage for instructions on how he built his modern masterpiece. Both video’s present examples of Highpants furniture set to a techno beat while generating massive amounts of nerd envy. Sit back relax and let the living room disco come to life. Remember to turn it up loud and don’t dare put that drink down without a coaster.

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How to Stop the Poaching of Endangered Species, the Shepherd Solution…

Now I have never claimed to be a smart individual, too much time in front of the TV on the couch, but I am adept at recognising a good idea when it echoes around the vast emptiness of my skull.

Sitting on said couch a little while ago it occurred to me that the western approach to saving endangered species from poachers is just not working! Trying to force your beliefs on another group of people, no matter how well intentioned, has always been fraught with dangers and is often destined to fail. There are many honourable groups trying to work on this problem but most seem to want to demonize the locals for not doing enough or blame them outright for poaching. Don’t misunderstand me poaching is an evil business but its cause is a human survival one.

The problem with the demonization is it doesn’t take into account the fact that above all people are survivors, most people around the world will do what needs to be done to survive, including poaching, and all people have a right to make a living and survive.

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Digital Assassination: An interview with Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins.

On the publicity trail to promote the new Pumpkins album ‘Monuments to an Elegy’ Corgan took time out to join the Alex Jones Show to chat about his experiences as a free thinking artist in a world where the mainstream media has become a tool of control.

Having suffered a campaign attempting to digitally assassinate him Corgan has a very interesting perspective of the structure and power of the system we now live under. A level headed well thought out individual Corgan talks openly and honestly about the increasingly insane world that we now find ourselves living in.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the incredible insight of an amazing artist. Anyone interested in the truth and the reasons for these times of chaos should watch this video; it will open your eyes if they are not already.

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Psy’s Gangnam Style Breaks YouTube, Again…

YouTube has had its own Bill Gates moment this week when it underestimated the number of times any one video would be watched. Just as Bill Gates believed we would never use more than 640k or RAM in a PC YouTube didn’t think a video would ever be watched more than 2.15 billion times.

Then Gangnum style happened to an unsuspecting world in July 2012 and 2 years later what seemed like plenty of space has turned out to be woefully inadequate, hell the first billion views happened in less than 6 months.

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The Best UFO’s of November 2014.

YouTube Channel Third Phase of the Moon has once again put together a kick-ass collection of UFO sightings reported to their website during November 2014. As always with the ThirdPhase compilations many of the sightings include interviews with the witnesses who captured the videos. Also wait till the end of the video for the raw footage.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are some of the strangest and most unusual sights captured in the skies around the world. Kudos to ThirdPhase, keep up the good work. Sit back, relax and prepare to scratch your head once again.

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Has SecureTeam10 Been Caught Perpetrating a Hoax?

YouTube channel SecureTeam10 has this month been accused of producing and promoting a fake UFO video. The video being questioned ‘Giant Body Behind Saturn Entering Solar System’ is causing quite a stir.

DazzaTheCamerman has done the leg work and has in my opinion collected some fairly strong evidence that if correct would seem to indicate that this video may be a hoax. As always here at Paranoid Android we suggest every person consider all of the facts and make up your own mind. In fact everyone should always hear everything and believe nothing, do your own research and always question what you see. Then based on the facts subscribe or unsubscribe based on your own discoveries, and always reserve the right to change your mind if new evidence is presented.

The world is not short on wonders, mysteries for us to ponder and dig into. An important part of trying to discover and understand the truth is to remove the easily explainable (noise) in order to concentrate your efforts on the true mysteries. Both believing too easily and not believing at all are closed doors to the truth, hoaxers and professional debunkers are equally destructive in the search for answers. If the video is a fake the easiest thing for SecureTeam10 to do is just admit they made a mistake and move on, they have far too much interesting content on their channel to risk it all.

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Are Changes in our Solar System Being Covered Up? Inuit People and Others Warn of Drastic Earth Changes.

Since 2004 many astute armature astronomers have reported changes to the obit of the Earth and Moon around the Sun. In 2010 the Inuit population through ISUMA TV began to discuss the changes they are observing in their environment. The video published in 2010 ‘Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change’ discusses in great detail these changes, a must watch video for all interested in the Earth changes occurring.

Most surprising of all of these changes the Inuit people are reporting is the observation that the Sun and Moon have shifted position in the skies, the sun is rising and setting in a different place than it traditionally has. While this evidence may be called anecdotal by many I strongly believe the Inuit know exactly where the Sun should be rising and setting.

Many other people are also observing and trying to analyze these unexplained changes occurring within our solar system, some believe a tenth planet is exerting gravitation force while others believe that highly charged particles are making their way to the inner parts of our solar system. All the while the mainstream scientific community and media appear to have an unofficial black out on the subject. What are these changes and why are they being covered up?

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