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Helicopter Sucked into Tornado…

Getting too close to one of Mother Nature’s most powerful forces is always dangerous, especially if you have no ground to hang on to. This shocking power is on display for all to see in the video Helicopter Sucked into Tornado.

Presented for you viewing pleasure is the video that answered the question how close is too close when it comes to tornadoes? Sit back, relax and remember to buckle up, this is going to be a wild ride.

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101 Ways to Twerk versus Team Twerk at DHQ Fraules…

The pinnacle of shaking your booty, the Twerk, is taking over dance floors. Once only ever seen in the darkened light of a strip club the twerk has now gone mainstream. Milley turned heads twerking too hard while J-Lo dropped draws with a twerk of epic proportions.

Tonight we pit two videos against each other, two opponents that approach the twerk from two completely different angles. Russian dance studio DHQ Fraules brings raw sex appeal with its group twerking video, possibly the hottest twerk in history. ‘101 Ways to Twerk’ on the other hand is the funniest twerking video in history, still hot but crazy funny hot.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are the two greatest twerking videos of all time, they will make you laugh, they will make you stare but most of all the will get pulses racing around the world. Site back, relax and hit that play button (>), its time to twerk.

101 Ways to Twerk

101 Ways to Twerk, the Banana Twist
101 Ways to Twerk, the Banana Twist

While twerking may be taking over the world one dance floor at a time it is now evolving, we have much to learn.

To this end 101 Ways to Twerk is not only educational but it also happens to be the funniest twerking video ever made. Managing to pull of the rare double of being hot while making us laugh, two parts of the brain that rarely play nice.

This hilarious take on the subtleties of the technique is presented by YouTube starlet Christina Jacquelyn Calph through her Bad Girls Ball channel. Dancer, model and all round entertainer Cristina got the balance just right with 101 Ways, funny sexy smart is no easy feat.

Even the unexpected appearance of Christiana’s twerk stalker can’t throw off their twerk, it only makes the video funnier. Seen in the background throughout the video the power of the twerk eventually forces the stalker to join the dance.

Booty / Twerk by DHQ Fraules

DHQ Fraules Team Twerk
DHQ Fraules Team Twerk

Russian Dance studio DHQ Fraules presents twerking at its sexiest,presenting FraulesGirls team twerking to the beats of FM$ (Freak My Shit) by New Boyz.

The girls from DHQ Fraules push the twerk sex appeal past normal human limits, producing a toe tapping hypnotic video that shows the world the raw power of the twerk. Elena Yatkina is the Russian blonde bombshell behind the DHQ girls, her dance studio is quickly making a name for itself as unashamedly off the charts hot.

It is often said that with great power comes great responsibility, let’s hope the girls of DHQ fully comprehend the power of their twerking abilities.


After much consideration, videos have been watched and re-watched, techniques examined and slow motion engaged, we must decide upon a winner for this battle. According to the view numbers DHQ’s Booty Twerk video should be announced the winner of this twerk off. Instead after much discussion the Highpants winner has been awarded to 101 Ways to Twerk. This controversial decision has caused much friction around the office but we feel it is justified on the grounds that the boss is always right. While DHQ was hotter and had the numbers 101 Ways had so much more, it was educational, funny and still a little hot. Taking us to new and strange places while educating, win win.

Hopefully this journey of discovery has now instilled an understanding of what it is to Twerk. The funny side of the booty shake along with the raw energy and appeal of this rump riding dance technique. Twerk on people.

Buddha’s Brother out…

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