ATI’s Devil Inside. The PowerColor Devil 13 HD7990, The New King of Uber Video Cards…

The battle of the Uber video cards may have been in a lull of late, NVIDIA launched the last salvo some months ago with its GTX 690 dual GPU Uber video card, now it is time for ATI’s reply, the Devil 13 HD7990 by PowerColor.

Has AMD given up on Uber video cards? Unwilling to produce a dual GPU video card based on their latest Tahiti GPU, AMD has left the heavy lifting to PowerColor who designed the beast from the ground, with AMD’s blessing of course. The HD7990 is set to be a PowerColor exclusive, this is their baby after-all, adding to the exclusivity there will be only 500 of these Uber monsters produced.

Based on AMD latest GPU the HD7990 will include two Tahiti GPU’s, each clocked at 925Mhz. Over-clocking to 1000Mhz is built directly into the card, provided by the built in go faster button, literally.

Powercolor Devil 13 HD 7990 Package

With an impressive 6GB of DDR 5 memory operating at 1375Mhz (5500Mhz effective speed). Keeping the beast fed will require the other components used alongside the HD7990 to be AA+ quality and speed.

The HD7990 also includes Wiha toolset, PowerColor PowerJack brackets to support the back of the card, stopping the weight of the card deforming motherboards and bending your case. A serious issue when your video card weighs nearly 3 pounds.

Cooling is handled by high efficiency triple fans driving air past 10 sets of heat pipes that extract the heat from substantial slabs of copper (heat sinks) sitting atop each GPU.

An Uber video card is a demanding mistress though, a minimum of an 850watt power supply is recommended. A 1000watt power supply is probably the minimum we would consider for such a system, taking into account the Uber CPU and RAM required to do the card justice..

Custom HD7990 triple fan cooling.

First displayed in May at GameCon PowerColor have pulled all of the stops developing the Devil 13. Expected it to be released in September / October, no price has yet been confirmed. As with most Uber video cards if you need to ask the price chances are you won’t be able to afford it, expect pricing to be well above $1,000 USD. The GTX 690 has been seen for up to $1,600, will the HD7990 be the first video card to break the two grand mark?