ASUS RAIDR Express 240GB PCI-Express SSD…

The new era of high performance storage solutions is on the cards, PCI Express 2.0 cards.

Republic of Gamers, ASUS’s hard core gamer division has once again given the world a tantalizing glimpse of the RAIDR Express SSD. Blowing away the SATA bottleneck RADR Express will slot into your motherboard, like a video card.

First shown at this year CES the card has recently made another appearance on the Republic of Gamers website.  A number of working models are now doing the rounds with the tech websites; the final product should be available in May.


As long as details haven’t changed since CES under the hood the RAIDR sports 240GB of Toshiba MLC flash driven by two LSI Sandforce SD-2281 controllers. A Marvel 88SE9230 RAID chip drives the two Sandforce chips and connects to the outside world via its PCI-Express 2.0 interface.

RAIDR Express plugged in...
RAIDR Express plugged in…

All of this hardware adds up to stratospheric levels of speed with the RAIDR Express 240GB model running at 830MB/s read and 810MB/s write.

A second smaller capacity 120GB version will also be available in May; the smaller 120BG model loses a little speed with the reduced capacity, 775MB/s read and 765MB/s write speeds.

There has been no word from ASUS on pricing as of yet, but if ASUS can keep the prices down these cards will sell by the truck load.

Reference: ROG