Are The Pyramids Around The World Beginning To Power Up???

Pyramids are not only a symbol of power around the world but also one of the greatest mysteries in plain sight. They are found on all four corner of our blue world. If the mainstream historians are to be believed they were apparently built by many diverse groups using the same building plans, plans that all of those diverse groups around the world seem to have forgotten about.

In these time of high strangeness the pyramids seem to be springing back to life. Numerous photos have appeared on the internet over the last 4 years that seem to demonstrate the pyramids shinning a bright beam of light out of the cap stone.

The phenomenon seems to have started with the publication of the Kukulkan beam photo in 2009. While many of the latest photos appear to be doctored copycat photos a recent interview with Hector Siliezar, the original photographer, sees him standing by his story. Adding credence to the tale is the fact that the original photo has stood up well to analysis and does appear to be real.

The photo was introduced to the world on Jaime Maussan’s Spanish language show 24 Horus – 24 Hours -, a regular Sunday night show on the Canal 24 hour news channel in Mexico. The photo first appeared in 2009 and were instantly  controversial. Taken in July 24, 2009 while the Hernadez family were on holiday in Mexico. The pyramid in the photo is the Kukulkan Pyramid at Chichen Itza, located in the Yucatan peninsula, Mexico.

Earthfiles Linda Moulton Howe recently, Feb 2012, conducted an interview with Hector Siliezar, and his wife Glenda confirming all of the previous details regarding the photographs. Always a good sign when the story stays the same years later.

“I took three pictures of the pyramid trying to get lightning. In number one, nothing happened. In number two, nothing happened. In the third picture is the beam and lightning.”, Hector Siliezar, on vacation tour near Kukulkan Pyramid, Chichen Itza, Yucatan

The tale of this fascinating photo starts like any other family holiday. July 24, 2009, Hector Siliezar was on vacation with his wife Glenda Hernadez and their two girls, Stephanie and Destiny. Hector had been trying to capture a photograph of lightning in the background of the Kukulkan pyramid. Three photos was taken as part of a series only minutes apart. In the series only the third photo captured the beam projecting out of the top of the pyramid. While the photo was being taken nothing was visible to the naked eye, when Hector showed the photo to other tourists at the time it became obvious that the beam wasn’t visible to the naked eye.

Analysis by Joseph Garofalo shows that the beam isn’t simply a a line with transparency that has been added to the image. Spectrum analysis reveals that the beam is a complex column of light made up of a central core with numerous other components surrounding it. Also the meta data from the photo confirms the photo’s time and position within the sequence. Also it was indeed taken on an iPhone, with GPS co-ordinates that match the location of Chichen Itza.

Also interesting was the discovery of a UFO in the background, it is tiny but it is most unusual and definitely unexplained.

Using an iPhone to take the photo may have made all of the difference in this case. iPhone’s and most mobile phone cameras don’t use infra-red filters as most digital camera’s do. The filters are in place to improve the picture quality in the visible light spectrum, the IR can cause noise on the sensor. In the iPhone’s case this is done in software which isn’t quite as efficient as having an actual filter.

The Kukulkan Pyramid
The Kukulkan Pyramid’s is said to have been constructed between 600 – 900 A.D. Each of the four faces has a steep staircase consisting of 91 steps that ascend at 45 degrees to the top platform. Counting the top platform as an additional step gives a total of 365 steps, one step for each day of the year. During the spring and autumn equinox the Kukulkan Pyramid puts on a special display for all to see. The shadows cast by the setting sun runs along the main stairs creating the image of a serpent climbing the stairs. An impressive piece of architecture.

Other Pyramid Lights
Another picture a number of years later captured the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun also emitting a beam of light. The Bosnian Pyramids themselves are a controversial subject on their own, with many archaeologists still debating whether they are a natural formation or man-made structure. They are not natural.

The photo was allegedly taken between 2010 and 2011, a beam was detected coming through the cap stone of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. The radius of the beam has been described as 4.5 meters and the frequency was of 28 kHz. The Bosnian beam makes a great picture but is impossible to confirm.

Wild Theory Time
Here at Paranoid Android we are reminded of a tale told to us a long time ago, the story talked of a war. In this war an unimaginably powerful weapon was used, not designed as a weapon it’s builders had given specific instructions never to use them in such a way, which we did. This weapon did win the war for us but the costs were incalculable.

The pyramids were that weapon. As part of a power generation system they were able to transmit usable power into the ionosphere, a system Tesla had tried to reinvent, a system that could provide free power or electricity to any point on the planet. Not only a source of power, in the same way we use power stations and electricity, they may also be one of the most destructive weapons ever used. They were only used once but that one time could be responsible for the death of Mars, they are a planet killers. The Pyramids won’t ever be powered up again the way they were originally. Remember this was just a tale told to me by a friend, a friend who studied the unusual for an entire lifetime.

The Luxor casino in Las Vegas is an interesting example of taking advantage of what pyramids have come to symbolize, power, A dramatic reconstruction that’s remarkably accurate even down to the ratios used in its construction and it also has a beam of light that blazes through the night sky. How did they know that working Pyramids emit a beam of light?

Since their original publication in 2009 many obvious fabrications and copycats have sprung up on the web. The Kukulkan photo though has stood up to the test of time and investigation. While the pyramids around the world are probably not powering up on their own we may have been given a glimpse of their once spectacular glory, reminding us of the mysteries that still surround us.

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