AppBlaster, Alien Blasting iPhone Fun…

When aliens invade your living room there is only one weapon to reach for, your trusty AppBlaster. The AppBlaster rifle – AppGun – may appear to be a simple plastic imitation laser rifle, to the untrained eye. Don’t be fooled though it is your best friend when Aliens start popping out from behind your TV or crawling down your walls.

With your iPhone mounted on the AppGun, Alien Attack game installed and running its time to start dispatching the invading alien horde. Watching your iPhones screen Alien Attack will reveal the Aliens not visible to the naked eye. Using the two triggers you are tasked with clearing the room.

Part of a new generation of video game AppBlaster is one of the first augmented reality video games. Augmented Reality melds real world footage from your phones camera with computer generated graphics, in this case Aliens just asking for a butt kicking. Alien Attack isn’t location specific either, no matter where you are it will reveal the hidden alien invasion.

To keep the action smooth and convincing the software has to keep the computer generated graphics in place over the live footage even though the camera on the phone will be moving about. Your phones motion sensors are used for just this purpose, keeping the two pictures synchronized.

Part of the beauty of the AppBlaster strategy is the ability to continue adding games to the hardware. Third party developers can even write their own games to take advantage of the AppBlaster hardware. Three games are already available, Alien Attack which is included free with AppBlaster, along with Tin Can Alley and Pull, both priced at $1.99 in the Apple AppStore. Other games can also be used with the AppGun, Marine Sharpshooter seems to work just fine.

The hardware part of the AppBlaster game is the AppGun, 18 inches of white and candy-orange alien destroying plastic. Purely mechanical by design AppBlaster doesn’t require batteries or connectors. The triggers of the AppGun are connected to two small pads – old time type-writer style – that tap the screen when a trigger is pulled. Double grip and double trigger configuration has been included for twice the Alien busting power.

AppToyz burst onto the scene earlier this year with a range of toys that integrate with the iPhone and iPod Touch. The very clever angle that AppToyz has taken is to leverage the computing power of an iPhone to operate as the brains of their toyz. Bringing all of the goodies that come with a smartphone, the phones operating system, sensors, app store and automatic software updates are there ready to use.

Each of the AppToyz toys has their own application that is downloaded to your iPhone or iPod Touch. Once installed the fun can commence. Not all of the AppToyz gadgets are as simple as AppBlaster’s purely mechanical nature, AppCopter and AppRacer bring remote control flying and racing to your iPhone. With advanced sound effects and tilt control these are high tech toys.

Only available for iPhone and iPod Touch at the moment you can believe that the noids of the world are petitioning AppToyz for an Android version of the games and developers software. At the outrageously cheap price of $35 AUD AppBlaster brings a whole new world of gaming to your iPhone or iPod Touch. It’s going to be an alien busting Christmas around the world. Be warned, don’t mention the world AppBlaster out loud around children, it will have to be added to the list.

Source: AppToyz

AppToyz new AppBlaster for iPhone