AOC’s Incredible iPhone Docking Monitor…

AOC, creators of displays great and small has added a twist to the humble LCD monitor. Making HDMI inputs look old school AOC’s new e2343Fi monitor includes a docking station for your iPhone or Touch.

While the e2343Fi may look like your standard 23″ monitor it’s SRS speakers and integrated Apple interface makes this monitor perfect as a mini multimedia studio. Once the brains of the operation is docked your iPhone’s display is automatically mirrored on the 23″ LCD, in it’s full high definition glory. AOC isn’t stopping at adding a docking station to your monitor either, rumors suggest a combined USB connectivity and dock has already been prototyped. AOC’s new multipurpose monitor along new prototype displays will be on show at the much anticipated CES 2012. AOC is coming prepared with many tricks up their sleeve.

Integrating a dock into the base of the LCD display is just another way AOC is added more function to LCD panels. Other models in AOC’s range also include tricks like USB powered displays, touch screen, 3D and picture frame functions. In the case of the e2343Fi with your Apple device docked the monitors SRS speakers and LED back-light display are at the iPhone / Touch’s disposal, playing tunes and displaying video at will. The monitor also includes the usual array of PC and HDMI inputs to meet day to day demands.

AOC’s new model will be shown off at CES 2012 – Las Vegas, January 2012 – along with a rumored version that combines USB and iPhone Doc. AOC will be pulling out all of the stops at CES, all of their latest technology on display, AOC it seems is trying to add more to the humble old LCD display.

AOC’s new hybrid display combines style and function into one sleek display. For the iPhone fanatics looking to get more from their smartphone or people who love gadgets that do more, AOC’s has the e2343Fi. For most people buying a new LCD the integrated doc may be a gimmick too far, in which case it will come down to price. AOC has yet to announce a price or date of availability for their new monitor. Looks like CES 2012 is already warming up, with many twists on existing gadgets and many brand new technologies to look forward too.

source: slashgear