AOC USB LCD, One Cable To Rule Them All…

LCD Displays, our ubiquitous windows on the electronic world just became a whole lot more utilitarian. AOC’s latest piece of innovation is a shinny black LCD monitor with only one cable, USB. There’s no HDMI, DVI, D-Sub or power cabled required, the monitor is completely driven by USB, both picture and power. This may be the perfect companion for a netbook, a portable second monitor for the ultimate hotel room mobile setup. AOC’s new mini LCD is the e1649fwu, not a very catchy title for a very handy little display.

“The USB Monitor is ideal for business presentations, photo frame applications, multiple monitor displays and as a companion monitor for laptop and netbook users who want more out of their computer.”, Robert Velez, Marketing Manager of AOC.

Don’t mistake the e16’s diminutive size and simplicity, this is no toy monitor. AOC haven’t sacrificed the displays picture quality for size or power. With impressive image quality and a specification sheet that could belong to any modern LCD monitor the e16 is simplicity without compromise. The spec’s include; 50,000,00:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio, 5ms response time and 1366 x 786 resolution. While the resolution will cover 720p High-Def 1080p is a bridge to far for the e16. Still as a secondary monitor the resolution is more than adequate and still higher than many netbooks. The display can be tilted into portrait or landscape orientations while the included monitor stand tucks away flat keeping the e16 as compact as possible when not in use. Weighing just a paltry 2.3lbs (just over 1kg) and at 1.4 inch thick the e16 will easily fit in to your lappy bag along-side your laptop.

The e16’s use of the USB port has many benefits besides simplicity as well. Connecting multiple LCD’s, no matter how many display ports are available or tucked onto that last bit of real-estate on your computer desk, the e16 is the ultimate utility display. Especially handy on laptops that only have one display port – most -, usually not the kind required by your spare monitor. On the desktop the e16 will fit into tight spaces, not every occasion calls for a 24inch widescreen monitor, sometimes you just need a little extra screen space with-out the hassle. The e16 is the monitor for the job.

To be able to run off such a low power source as USB AOC has had to reduce the power requirements of display. LED is a natural here, as a light source for the LCD it is the most efficient light source available, the remaining power savings have come from clever designs requiring less electronics to do the job.

While AOC may not be a big brand name company they are in fact one of the largest LCD display manufacturers in the world. One in four LCD’s produced at the moment comes from one of AOC’s factories. Most of AOC production though is destined to have another companies logo applied, they are you see an OEM – original equipment manufacturer, they make other peoples equipment -. AOC was first establish by Ross Siragusa in 1934 under the Admiral brand who designed and manufactured consumer electronics, radio’s, televisions and white goods initially. The brand is still manufactured by Whirlpool and sold through Home Depot stores in the U.S. After AOC was split up in 1967 TPV acquired AOC International brand, TPV International are a Taiwanese investment company specializing in display panels.

Got a bed side PC and need a second monitor, no power cables or extra mess, just plug it in and go. Gamers will appreciate the additional screen that can contain their online life while the main display is taken up totally with the latest first person shooter action. The e16 is the kind of monitor that will find it’s way into every noid toolbox, if we could fit it on to Batman’s utility belt, we would. The e16, ready to go to work in every situation.

The 16-inch e1649fwu will be available at major retail chains nationwide in October 2011 at the cost of MSRP $139 USD. Cheap, compact, simplicity itself, road warriors rejoice the portable office just became much more useable.

AOC e1649fwu Specifications

  • Panel Type: LED
  • Widescreen 16:9
  • Screen Size: 15.6″w
  • Viewable Image Size: 395 mm
  • Brightness : 250cd
  • Contrast ratio (typical): 50,000,000:1
  • Response Time: 5ms
  • Native Resolution: 1366×768 @60Hz
  • Input Signal: 1 USB
  • HDCP Compatible: No
  • Special Features: USB Powered

Buddha’s Brother out…