AOC Smart Android All-In-One and the Rise of the Android Desktop PC…

December 4th, as the jingle of bells approaches AOC the makers of all things LCD have released an ingenious new stocking stuffer, the best value all in one computer bar none. The AOC Smart AIO (All In One) touch screen Android Computer and Monitor.

An All-In-One with a difference the Smart AIO 72P series features Android on the inside, with Google Play available to provide all of your favourite apps and games. Transforming at the flick of a switch to an IPS monitor for any HDMI, MHL or VGA device; PC, console, set top box, mobile and tablet.

Two models have been released by AOC, at $429 for the 22 inch model is the value model, while the 24 is the performance model, available for $499 AUD. Both models are bringing Android to a monitor near you.

highpants_AOC-Smart-AIO-touch-screenAOC’s build up to Christmas included the release of 21:9 Ultra Wide screen panels, USB 3.0 powered displays and the surprise Smart AIO (All In One) range. An ingenious design  that combines an Android PC’ with general purpose display device.

These two Android PC’s may just represent the greatest threat to Windows yet. Is Android invading the desktop? Sneaking through the backdoor into Microsoft’s territory?

Connect any device to the video inputs and Smart AIO becomes a a monitor, lighting up its IPS panel to provide a picture for any of your HDMI, MHL or VGA devices.

As a computer the Smart AIO’s are an incredibly affordable Android computer that will do the day to day hustle like surfing the web, mail and games just fine. All while using the same software as your Android smart phone or tablet.

Shared Features of the AOC Smart AIO family

Both models in the 72P Smart AIO family share very similar specs in general. Each includes 3 x USB 2 ports, two full sized and one Micro. A front facing 720 HD camera is present for videographers. Connecting the Smart AIO to the outside world is via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or 10/100 Ethernet. Storage is expandable to 32GB on both, via the Micro SD card slot.

Google Play is available on both models as is USB keyboard and mouse support for Android. Both also share mostly the same A/V ports with HDMI-in, VGA-in along with microphone and headphone jacks and a pair of 2 Watt speakers.



highpants_AOC-Smart-AIO-android-touchThe budget model of the family has already dropped under its RRP price of $429, with many retail and online stores listing it for $399. Being the budget family member 72P-22 (A2272PWHT) sacrifices display size and Android function to cost. The 22 features a 21.5 inch IPS LCD with 1920 x 1080 touch screen LCD that has two point touch sensitivity.

Inside the entry level model is Android 4.1 running on an AMLogic 8726-MX Dual Core CPU @ 1.5, 1GB of system RAM and 8GB of Flash for storage. Comparable to a budget tablet speed wise, it would make a capable internet surfer with only light gaming abilities.


highpants_AOC-Smart-AIO-androidThe 24 inch model (A2472PW4T) is the performance model of the new family. Featuring a far more powerful Android setup along with multimedia functions and the larger screen this is the model to get if you intend to use the Android personality often or if you want to do any Android gaming. The speed of the 24 should be comparable with a mid to high end Android tablet, just much bigger.

On the inside the 24 features Android 4.2 running on an NVidia T33 Quad Core CPU @ 1.6GHz, 2 GB of system RAM and 8GB of flash for storage. The display itself is a 23.6 inch 1920 x 1080 IPS touch screen panel that features two point touch screen sensitivity.

The 24 also features multiple user accounts for Android, allowing everyone to have their own login. In the process keeping everyone happy, hopefully. The 22 inch model features only a single user login.

The latest multimedia link is also included with the 24; Mobile High Def Link (MHL) offers convenience by allowing almost any smartphone, tablet and video camera to connect directly to the monitor.



highpants_AOC-Smart-AIO-android-banner2The competition for the AOC’s Smart AIO will be from the existing AIO market currently dominated by Windows PC’s and Mac’s. These typically range in cost from $800 AUD for a 20″ HP dual core Windows 8 AIO to $1500 AUD for a 21.5″ iMac. There are also the high end AIO desktops that cost over 2 grand, a whole other story that makes us wonder why. Interestingly the panel used in the 24 is identical to those used in the high end AIO’s; IPS, high colour HD 1920×1080.

At $499 the 24″ Smart AIO offers less raw computing power than the competition, yet it still manages to provide a fast and easy to use interface. In fact even the cheaper 22 runs smooth fast with Android. The panel itself is  larger and higher resolution than typically seen on cheaper AIO’s, and the Smart is nearly half the price of a cheap AIO.

The Smart AIO pricing is so crazy that the range as a whole will potentially also be competing with IPS monitors on price. When a 24inch ASUS IPS panel costing as much as $500 in the retail world the AOC becomes very interesting, especially the 24’s Tegra 3 and 2GB of RAM.


Both models are available now with the 22 selling for $429 AUD retail, but it has been spotted selling for $399. The 24 is available now for $499 RRP.

The AOC Smart All In One as a computer is perfect for anyone who has no preference for Operating System (do you need or want to use Windows or MacOS?) or anyone who is well accustomed to Android and are happy to stick with it.

Is this the start of Android appearing more often where a Windows desktop once might have been? Is Android invading the Desktop? If Microsoft were ever afraid of one single device this is the one, a $500 Android that’s as good as a $2000 AIO PC!

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