The Antarctic Mystery: Are there Pyramids at the Bottom of the World?

Situations of high strangeness continue to occur in the southern most regions of the Earth. This time around it’s a bit like a murder mystery where you never find out who the murderer is, this mystery seems to be a tease on a monumentally frustrating scale.

Headlines earlier in the year recorded visits by world dignitaries to the region, headlines that were followed up by suggestions that there is nothing to see here. A recent video making waves on the internet might prove that there is in fact something very interesting to see there, but is it real?

The south pole is one strange place, a place of mystery. Endless miles of ice cover its surface, apparently for no better reason than it is at an odd angle to the sun and covered in reflective ICE. A little strange considering that when the ice formed there was no reflective surface and no matter what angle I turn my bald head to the sun it always gets burnt all over. All joking aside the standard scientific explanation for the ice coverage sounds like BS to most everyone here at Highpants.

Google Earth Screenshot.

This year the mystery deepened further as dignitaries from around the world visited the frigid continent, apparently for no better reason than it’s there. Politician John Kerry (during the presidential election), the religious leader of the Russian Orthodox church and even the odd astronaut (Buzz Aldrin) joined the long eclectic list of visitors to the continent. See the full list here.

As the strangeness continues to build and the mainstream media continues to suggest there is nothing to see here images of a pyramid shaped mountains began to peak the Internets interest.

Now a video has hit the internet that purports to show a US military team parachuting in to the region from helicopters, along with an incredible view of these frozen pyramids from the ground, a view that makes them appear to be truly enormous.

Buzz Aldrins tweets after his visit keeps the high strangeness rolling, Aldrin tweeted ‘We are all in Danger. It is evil itself’, but then Buzz does say some pretty out-there stuff. The fact he quickly deleted the tweet just added to the mystery. Luckily the internet has a long jpg based memory (see below).

Is the video real? Will the mystery of the south pole and what is under the ice ever be solved? For the answer to these questions and more stay tuned, all we know for sure at the moment is that things are heating up in South Pole.