Anonymous TV. Anonymous, The NWO and The Olympics Prophecy.

They have arrested them, they have interrogated them and they have said they have turned against one another, but still the messages continue to flow. Like the Rasputin of the online world they just won’t be silenced. The elusive international movement, “Anonymous,” a leaderless collective of computer hackers have recently been featured on CNN. An interesting insight into a new phenomenon, the internet collective.

Interpol announced that it had arrested 25 members of anonymous on 27th of February, Anonymous Brazil had a great reply to the arrests “Interpol you can’t take down Anonymous, it is an idea.” There is no doubt that the Interpol arrests stung the collective at the same time it may have set precedent for retirement from Anonymous, this is the only way out of the collective?

Included for you viewing pleasure are the CNN Anonymous feature along with video’s outlining two of the major operations Anonymous have prepared for 2012. Black March is under-way with people boycotting media purchases while Operation V, the declaration of war against the US government is having unforeseen results. The final video is a must see parody of the Anonymous brand, The Offensive Parody will scratch that funny bone for you.

ANONYMOUS Revolution 2012 New Message What we are capable of

The first video in the line-up is the CNN feature of Anonymous, a good starting introduction of the Anonymous phenomenon. The structure of the Anonymous group is difficult to comprehend initially, it is more than just de-centralised but de-incorporated, dis-associated. In essence small teams of people get together and just start using the name. More than just encouraging parody they encourage people to steal the name. Going through the released video’s on YouTube you will quickly notice there are obviously a few groups releasing videos under the banner of Anonymous. In the past in this situation a club or association would protect their name and identity from this kind of use, not Anonymous.

At the moment the original Anonymous team have been hit pretty hard by Sabu’s betrayal and the subsequent arrests, but as they love to say Anonymous are Legion, there are still a large number of the originals. And there are a new generation of Anonymous appearing.

While the arrests made headlines around the world it didn’t stop the messages appearing on YouTube, by far their most powerful of Anonymous’s platforms. In the last month the messages have been outlining Anonymous’s a number of operations – action plans – including Operation V in which Anonymous declare war on the US government.

Operation Black March
While the campaigns – including Anonymous – against SOPA and PIPA were reasonably successful, Anonymous realises that this was only one battle and the war will be long. SOPA 2 is already being prepared. Interestingly the Interpol arrests occurred just after the original release of this video.

Operation Black March calls for citizens to boycott media companies for the month of March, Black March. Send a message, to the internation media conglomerates, vote with your wallet. Anonymous are hoping if enough citizens jump on board the collective action will create enough of a dent in their bottom line to get their attention, we will see in April how much impact Operation Black March has had.

From Anonymous Operation Black March message “With the continuing campaigns for Internet-censoring litigation such as SOPA and PIPA, and the closure of sites such as Megaupload under allegations of ‘piracy’ and ‘conspiracy’ the time has come to take a stand against the music, film and media companies’ lobbyists. “

Anonymous OpBlackMarch Begin

Anonymous: Operation V

Anonymous: Operation V [Has Been Cancelled]
Anonymous also had plans afoot for November. With the SOPA and PIPA battle over the US government plans to launch the Cyber Security Act of 2012, SOPA part 2, an even more restrictive set of legislation that will restrict the internet and according to the video endanger the Anonymous collective. Not something they will stand by and watch.

In response Anonymous declared war on the US government, strong words indeed. With plans for a revolution, anonymous was calling their legion to action. The ultimate goal being to overthrow the corrupt government. It is an open source revolution, a call to the public to join the overthrow of what they describe as broken system. A high impact statement that seems to be polarising Anonymous supporters.

Have Anonymous gone too far with their declaration? It certainly has generated some buzz on the internet, with many people steering clear of Operation V, they might not love the government but they like their life just the way it is. After days of debate amoungst the collective Operation V was cnecelled with Anonymous announcing “…THE PEOPLE ARE NOT READY FOR OPERATION V. OPERATION V HAS BEEN TERMINATED.”

NWO -The Illuminati
Like Anonymous the Illuminati are far more complex than the surface might suggest. There is every chance, going by human nature that there are a number of powerful groups, people naturally form collectives or clicks and these groups by nature would via amongst themselves.

The term NWO –New World Order – is a bit of a misnomer, instead the term should be the Old World Order, NWO is much catchier though. Like an attempt to drag us back into the dark-ages the New World Order simply represents autocratic control, a return to the kings ruling their kingdoms. It is for this reason that one of the great pillars of democracy isn’t just the ability to vote for someone that best represents you but also the ability to vote someone out before they go nuts, or as we have been calling it around here at Highpants HQ, throwing a Putin – mad with power -.

The Oppositie To the Illuminati, Freedom
What is it that’s so important Anonymous are willing to risk going to jail for? Freedom.! Maybe a little anti-climatic, but it may just be the most powerful word in the English language. For the Illuminati substitute the word powerful for dangerous. It is the only cause worth fighting for. It above everything else is the idea that brings all of the desperate parts of Anonymous together. The quest for freedom is never in-vain, sometimes it just takes a while.

Anonymous Message: Attack Planned on Olympics 2012 by The Government

The November Prophecy. Attack Planned on Olympics 2012 by The Government
The November Prophecy, a chilling glimpse at a possible future, the video itself is dressed in Anonymous clothing but what lies behind the veil we don’t know. It is probably one of the videos not produced by the main Anonymous collective. None the less it touches on an interesting and popular subject, as much an obvious possibility as it a prophetic call. Will the London Olympics be targeted by an Illuminati perpetrated terrorist attack. There is certainly enough chatter on the internet to raise the question.

The November Prophecy video introduces the horrifying scenario of a briefcase nuclear weapon being detonated in central London during the Olympics, potentially killing 100,000 people. The attack may also involve biological agents released on London’s famous underground.

Much of the evidence supplied by the video relies on the next terrorist attack emulating many characteristics of the New York and London attacks of the early part 2000’s. Just as with the 9/11 and 7/7 terrorist attacks there have been a number of media precursors to the attack, warming us up to the events. Already appearing as the plot of the TV show Spooks: Code 9 along with various print / web media having published stories of such events.

Other evidence revolves around the symbolism used in the media that give clues to the upcoming events. Like a Dan Brown novel the string gets pulled tightly, it gets a bit thin but it balances that out with a pretty catchy soundtrack.

And there is a new twist on Prophecy at the end of the video, possibly thanks to the evolving internet. If enough people learn the prophecy the Illuminati may have to change their plans. Thus by pure magic if it doesn’t happen they have succeeded in thwarting the Illuminatis plans, wait what.

The Offensive Parody
On the lighter side of life Anonymous even has it’s own parody group, and they’re hilarious. The “off3nsive” video made by Deek Jackson kicks right of with our god given right to offend, democratic about his offence Deek lets rip at everyone. See the parody video below. Even funnier is the fact that the fake Anonymous starts to sound like Sean Connery towards the end of the video.

Here at highpants its unanimous that we’d like to see democracy make the shift online, take the decisions out of the hands of politicians, shift voting online at the very least for gods sake, no one intended democracy to be that painful.

This is another aspect of the internet revolution, the collective. Bringing people together has always been an empowering exercise and the internet has achieved this in spades, already far exceeding what was imagined as possible when it was first built.

Corporate America may hate them but we love them. kids with a cause, standing up, finding there feet. Each generation gets their shot, these guys are sighting up and getting ready to take theirs. Anyway you look at it 2012 is looking to be a big year, is it going to finish with a bang ?