Anomalous Spiral Lights in the Sky are Still Appearing Around the World…

Norway December 2009 saw a massive story break around the world ‘What are the Anomalous Spiral Lights in the Skies above Norway?” The question was echoed around the world by every news and cable channel, the story very quickly went viral. You may have assumed the phenomenon was a once off, especially if you watch cable news but the truth is they continue to occur to this day.

The Norway Anomalous Spiral incident was after a few months explained as a failed rocket test carried out by Russia, and the story went quiet. This explanation however didn’t sit well with many people and raised more questions than answers. How is it possible for a rocket to spin in place and burn up for nearly 10 minutes, more time than it has fuel for? Then there is also the fact that rockets are sent a self destruct mechanism to stop out of control rockets slamming back to Earth and potentially causing massive damage (see the video of the Titan 4 Explosion at Cape Canaveral).

Paranoid-Android-Norway-Spiral-Anomoly-3There is also the fact that the Norway spiral was neither the first nor the last spiral to be witnessed around the world. Were the Russians testing missiles at Byron Bay in Australia in 2012? Were they testing missiles in Mexico, China and South America? Obviously the answer to those questions is NO which leaves the question of what are these strange spiral lights being seen in the skies around the world.

The next popular explanation also doesn’t seem quite right; many suggest that the Spiral is a gateway or wormhole. This is the theory that seems to have been the second false flag or default if you don’t believe the Russian rocket theory. After watching UFO videos for many years you can see that they jump in an instant, they are there one minute and in the blink of an eye they’re gone. There is no slow spiral build up or massive display in the sky, they just blink out and they’re gone. Also if you were going to open a wormhole you would definitely not do it within the Earths atmosphere, you would get clear of all large gravitational bodies and then generate the wormhole.

Paranoid-Android-Norway-Spiral-Anomoly-2Next on the list is the Project Blue Beam theory and of all the theories this one makes the most sense. Project Blue Beam is theorized to be a HAARP based technology that is capable of projecting both light and sound into the skies. All countries where the spirals have appeared do have HAARP installations and the Norway incident did occur while their facility was active. The only problem with the Project Blue Beam theory is that they hypothesize that it is being run in order to prepare the world for full alien disclosure and the introduction of one world government and religion. Things that are much better achieved using actual UFO’s and Aliens.

Here at Paranoid Android as always we have another theory, we believe the spirals are generated by a combination of HAARP and Star Wars satellites in order to block some form of incoming craft or projectile. HAARP provides the energy while the satellites control the spirals location and movements. What or who is being blocked we are unsure of but we think this theory ticks a lot more boxes than the above mentioned ideas.

All we can say for sure though is that this is an ongoing phenomenon that for some reason only ever made the news once and has since been ignored by the mainstream media. As always question everything, believe nothing and do your own research.

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