Anomalous Objects on The Moon Part 2: China’s Pictures Of The Moon And Its Anomalous Structures…

Not only is China a new economic super power but it is also pushing to become a super-power in space. As a part of this push into space and the moon China has sent a second satellite to map the moon.

Chang’e 2 is that satellite and it has returned the most detailed visual map of the moon ever. Released in early February the photos have appeared on many science sites around the web. Now after having a closer look at the detailed images people around the web have started to notice unusual structures captured by the images, these are Anomalous Objects on the Moon.

The video included does indeed highlight some very unusual structures, with many square – unnatural – shapes. The structures have an almost Babylonian or Ziggurat shape. It is recommended that you turn off the sound on the video and concentrate on the pictures, the audio is from a disclosure video discussing NASA’s hidden evidence of structures on the Moon, it is not discussing the pictures being shown in the video.

Alien Moon Base Captured By Chang’e-2 Orbiter 2012

The complete image set was taken using Chang’e 2’s stereo CCD cameras during repeat passes of the moon. Taken between October 2010 and May 2011 from an altitude of 100 kilometres. Change 2 was launched in mid-2010, with a much higher resolution camera than the Chang’e 1, Chang’e 2 can capture details down to the 17 meters in size from it’s orbital height of 100 kilometres, meaning that it will capture objects larger than 17 meter in size, which the structures obviously are.

Chang’e 1 and 2 were launched as part of the Chinese Lunar Exploration Program in preparation for Chang’e 3 which will conduct a soft landing and robotic exploration of the moon in 2013. All 3 satellites have been named in honour of the Chinese goddess of the moon Chang’e.

Chang’e 1 was sent up in 2009 but it was a suicide mission, the mission ending when the satellite was slammed into the moon. Since completing its photographic duties Chang’e 2 has been parked at the Earth-Sun Lagrange point L2. Like a safe spot for your keys the L2 point is a spot that you can park a satellite and it will stay there. The L2 point takes advantage of the fact that the gravity pull between the Moon, Earth and the Sun are at balance.

China’s push into space and the moon may also have the added benefit of forcing America to pull it’s finger out and follow through with it’s plans for a moon base.

These are the most detailed, high resolution images of the Moon so far available, and it appears they have not been through NASA’s image clean-up process which is responsible for removing any signs of anomalous objects. Expect more anomalous objects to come to light as people have a chance to comb over the available images. It seems the more information we collect about the Moon the stranger it gets. The Earths rocky companion apparently has just as many mysteries as the Earth itself.

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