Animation Comes to Life, Aug(de)mented Reality Thus Far.

The Simpsons once joked that it would be very hard to record animated shows live, the Poochy episode, Aug(de)mented Reality may challenge that theory. With nothing more than an iPhone, clear animation transparency cells and a handful of Sharpies Marty Cooper aka Hombre McSteezcan can produce his unique animations in no time at all. Often described as analogue augmented reality McSteez’s quick cartoons are sort of time-lapse, sort of stop-frame but they use no CGI.

Once McSteez has decided on a location he sets to work sketching out his character’s animation on clear transparency film. When ready he rips out his iPhone and stop motion app to capture each cell held up against the background, giving a time-lapse feel to the completed videos. After each frame is captured McSteez stitches it all together at home producing the quirky animations.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the Aud(de)mented Reality series thus far. Four short amusements that will get your Saturday of too a smiling start. Sit back relax and prepare to be amused by one man’s imaginary friends.

Reference: Hombre McSteez YouTube