Animals Understand Slapstick as Demonstrated by Animals Can Be Jerks and Jerk Cats The Song…

Just like their human companions animals sometimes behave badly, it certainly seems that being a jerk isn’t confined to the human population.

Stranger still the evidence seems to suggest animals have a sense of humour, some even taking to slapstick to get a laugh. Providing the supporting evidence for this hypothesis are two of the funniest animal videos of recent times. Animals Can Be Jerks and the Jerk Cat Song both form the most hilarious evidence of this humorous hypothesis.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are two videos so powerfully funny that they may just cause a laughter related accident. So sit back, relax and be sure to have your laughing pants on.

The Cat Jerks Edition (Animals Can Be Jerks Two)

Based on the original ‘Animals Can Be Jerks’ video (see below) the new edition ‘Jerk Cat The Song’ condenses all of the best cat sections of the video then sets it to a catchy cat tune written especially for this new edition.

Cats do indeed have some Jerky traits but these oddities are far outweighed by the smiles they deliver on a regular basis, this is true for all of our animal friends.


Animals Can Be Jerks

Animals Can Be Jerks is of course the original animal slapstick video, released in March 2013 it has so far clocked up over 34 million views and spawned a whole new type of animal video, the animal slapstick video.

This new genre of animal slapstick video adds an interesting twist to the popular animal fail videos, animal fails at the hands of other animals. Throughout the video animals are also caught in the act of being jerks to people, practicing their slapstick skills on any subject. They are equal opportunity jerks apparently.

Do animals have a sense of humour? Do they also understand slapstick? Here at Highpants we say a unanimous Yes to both of these question, the video evidence seems to back us up in the funniest kind of way.

Buddha’s Brother out…