Animals Can Be Jerks Too…

Presented for your viewing pleasure tonight is possibly the funniest animal compilation video of the year. A video so powerfully funny that it is said to have stopped the Syrian war for the 6 minutes it takes to play. While there is zero evidence that this actually happened this video is just funny enough that it’s possible.

The video presents an interesting twist to the popular animal fail video, animal fails at the hands of other animals. This interesting insight into animal behavior captures video documentary evidence that animals can indeed be jerks too. As a fortunate byproduct it happens to also be hilarious.

Do animals in fact have a sense of humor that like its human facsimile can seem to be a little warped? Again the video evidence might just suggest this is the case.

So sit back, relax and get set to enjoy 6 minutes of animal hijinx that are guaranteed to put a smile on your dial, even during the darkest of weeks.