Angry Birds Star Wars, Three Hilarious Trailers and a Gameplay Sneak Peek…

Rovio’s marketing machine is beginning to build up steam, cylinders firing and gears spinning, turning up the noise on Angry Birds Star Wars. Three teaser trailers have been released in the last week and details have begun to emerge of the gameplay as Rovio drip feeds the hungry media.

Included for your viewing pleasure are the three hilarious Angry Birds Star Wars trailers; No Moon, Han’s Kessel Run and Too Short. As the preview videos demonstrate all of the classic scenes are being recreated in the game. Also included is the preview video that gives us all a sneak peak at the levels, characters and gameplay. Get comfortable, put your laughing pants on and press the play button, it’s funny bird time.

Angry Birds Star Wars Episode IV: No Moon

Rovio haven’t missed an opportunity with Star Wars, bringing all of our favourite characters and scenes to life in an avian versus piggie kind of way. LucasArts also seem to be pulling out all of the stops as far as merchandising goes.

Angry Birds Star Wars Merchandise

  • Star Wars Angry Birds Jenga Deah Star game
  • Star Wars Angry Birds At-At Attack Battle game
  • Star Wars Early Angry Birds figurine pack
  • Star Wars Angry Birds plush toy line (basically, Angry Birds dressed up as Chewbacca, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker and R2-D2)
  • Star Wars Angry Birds costumes (foam tunics shaped like Angry Birds in Star Wars gear)

Gameplay is classic Angry Birds with a full Star Wars make-over. Lard Vader and his Empire piggies are under attack, the Angry Rebel army is on the march. All of our favourite characters are there in angry form: Angry Luke, Angry R2D2, Angry C3-PO, Angry Leia, Angry Chewie and Han. The Angry Red Squadron are sent in to take the Deathstar to pieces, with levels built to re-enact scenes in the original classic Star Wars trilogy

Rovio’s plans to dominate Christmas are taking shape with the greatest franchise cross-over in history.The game will be available for download from an app store near you, November 8.

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Angry Birds Star Wars Episode IV: Han’s Kessel Run

Angry Birds Star Wars Episode IV: Too Short