Angry Birds meets Star Wars, Rovio plans to take-over Christmas…

Rovio has plans afoot. Not content with the success of Bad Piggies Rovio has teased the world with tantalizing details of brand partnership between Angry Birds and Star Wars. A partnership so fiendishly clever it leads us to believe Rovio is planning to take over Christmas.

Have the Angry Birds learned to use the force or are the Rebels in possession of a new deadly weapon, the avian catapult. Details are still sketchy on the nature of the partnership; all we know for now is that the first public outing is set for 10am October 8, the location, New York’s Time Square Toy’s R Us store.

LucasArts is well known for promotional partnerships; here at Highpants the original Lego Star Wars is still the greatest example of a marketing marriage made in heaven.

Rovio have been very coy on details of this most hilarious comic partnership with the potential to be funnier even than Abbott and Costello. Small morsels of information have been coming to light via various social media sites.

The details of Rovio’s fiendish plans began to emerge Saturday with the release, on Tumblr, of an image depicting a mysterious hooded figure, picture below. Accompanying the picture a cryptic message; “Welcome to the Angry Birds Tumblr page. Over the next few weeks we’ll have behind-the-scenes content, animations, comics, and much, much more. But what will this all be about exactly?! Here’s a clue…(Hooded Figure Image)” . The image was followed by the time and date of the first event in Time Square, mentioned above.

Rovio then switched to twitter, releasing the second picture of the hooded Angry Bird with a light sabre, revealing possibly the greatest branding mash-up in history.

Here at Highpants we aren’t sure what they are huffing over at Rovio but we are sure Angry Birds with light sabres is going to be huge. How far will Rovio take Star Wars Angry Birds; merchandise, game, movie, cartoon series or all of the above? Could they go for the branding trifecta; The Angry Birds Star Wars Lego set or game? Making an early charge for Christmas Rovio’s marketing department are on an early roll. Poor old Saint Nick is going to be busy this Christmas.