Andy Gross the Prankster, Only Half a Man but Twice as Scary…

Be prepared to be truly amazed as magician Andy Gross puts his illusionist craft to work scaring the bejebus out of people on the street. A prank that sets loose the two halves of a dismembered man that appears to have returned to life, and the halves aren’t happy. Hanging onto his legs for dear life the torso moans at passes by, legs working seemingly without help from the brain.

His half a man illusion is shockingly realistic, so much so that people are triggered into a flight mode amd sent running down the street, tripping over themselves and at times involuntarily staining their underwear.

Set back, relax and be prepared to laugh yourself in half.

As for how the illusion is achieved all we know for sure is that he isn’t actually chopping himself in half. Still there are a couple of clues in ther if you look closely. The angle of his shoulders and posture often appear unnatural, his shoulders point to the fact that he is in a fairly contorted contorted position. Then there are his hands, or the approximations that fool you into thinking they are hands. Hands that appear to remain in the same position, unmoving for the entirety of the video.

Still it is highly convincing and amusing in the extreme, constructing the illusion required genius but letting it loose on the public, that is priceless.

Reference: Andy Gross