An Alien Stow-Away And The Family Drive From Hell, It’s A Subaru…

Often in life things that seem too good to be true are just that. The latest UFO video to create a stir may just fall into that category, far too good to be true. This highly unusual video has seemingly captured a grey alien hitching a ride on the underside of a families car. Unknown to the family at the time their car is carrying one extra creepy passenger.

Website ThirdPhaseOfMoon first released the video April 22, while the are keeping the video’s source close to their chest they assure us that the video isn’t just an in-house marketing coupe for their site.

If the video is indeed a fake it is a glorious fake that is bound to have cost a pretty penny to create, requiring good money be spent putting talented videographers to work.

While most will have already formed an opinion there are some interesting qualities to the video. The alien is rendered perfectly in sync with the hand shake of the camera and car movement. Also while under the car the darkened shadowed alien is impressively rendered, close to perfect. Things that are difficult for an amateur videographer to achieve.

There are also signs that point towards fake. The lack of shadows when it pops its round globe head from under the car would suggest a fake. Also the alien itself appears too perfect, clean looking when compared to the car. If you ever attempt a little car care DIY you too will inadvertently end up covered in grease and dirt from head to toe.

Those responsible for creating the video are obviously fans of The Twighlight Zone movie as the video bears a striking resemblance to the famous alien gremlin on the wing story. It wouldn’t be the first parody of the classic tale, The Simpsons relocated the story to a bus for one of their infamous Tree House of Horrors episodes.

The video has generated a huge amount of buzz on the internet, the world does love a good alien video after-all. Could it possibly be real, is there even a chance, a small spot in the back of your mind where this is a possibility?

Reference: ThirdPhaseMoon YouTubeTV