The AMS Alpha Omega Takes the GT-R Quarter Mile Record with a 7.7 Second Run…

When tuning a Nissan GT-R there is one after-market kit that everyone wants to add to their Godzilla, the AMS Alpha kit. Various options and kits in the Alpha line will take your GT-R to over 1600bhp as well as modifying every other aspect of the car to handle these insane amounts of power.

highpants-ams-alpha-omega-gtr-quarter-mile-record-003At the leading edge of the Alpha technology is the Omega test bed, not for public consumption the Omega is the proving ground for turbine powered insanity. The current record breaking Omega is based on the R35 GT-R and generates in excess of 2000 horsepower.

As part of their recent tour of Texas and with the help of many locals the AMS Team decided to make use of the abundance of quarter mile tarmac to go for the quarter mile record. While Mother Nature and circumstance didn’t seem too co-operative the Omega was able to reset the GT-R quarter mile record to a blistering 7.7 seconds (186mph) as well as generating a spine crushing 0-60mph (100kph) time of 1.53 second.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the journey to capture back the crown, the road to the record. Continuing the theme the second video ‘Omega: The History and Future of the Flagship Alpha GT-R’ presents the story of the world’s most powerful Nissan GT-R, Godzilla on turbine steroids. Sit back, relax and prepare to grin.

The Alpha Omega

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