Amazon’s Mysterious September 6 Press Event, The Smartphone and Kindle Fire 2 Tablets draw near…

Amazon has this week sent the rumor mill spinning at full speed, scheduling a major press event for mysteriously unknown reasons. Technorati, members of the media, have all received a cryptic invitation from Amazon, invited to attend an airport hanger in Santa Monica, California on September 6.

While the world waits in anticipation for the new generation of Kindle Fire 2 tablets Amazon managed to keep the new tablets release a complete secret, not an easy task. Many had originally speculated the date of July 31 for the new tablets release, but having passed the September 6 event seems to be the next logical opportunity to introduce the new generation of Fire 2 tablets.

All media analysts agree the new Fire tablets are the subject of the press event the risk takers are suggesting Amazon’s first smartphone may also see the light of day. Has Amazons legendary Lab 126 finished development?

In other Amazon related news this week, potentially in the build up to Sept 6, Amazon and NBC have expanded their partnership with several new TV series now available to Amazons Prime customers. This news and market anticipation for the Kindle Fire 2 has lifted the Amazon share price by nearly 3% to over $246 USD a share.

The competition in the 7 and 10 inch tablet market is about to heat up immensely. Not only is anticipation building for the Fire 2 but Barnes and Noble have a new Nook tablet waiting in the wings. Apple is also due to ship their new 7 inch iPad during September.

There is zero corroborating evidence available supporting these rumors, no matter how solid pundits claim the evidence this is all pure speculation till September 6. Amazon has managed to keep their cards extremely close to their chest. Pencil in September 6, Amazon may have a few surprises for us all.

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