Amazon Gets Game and Aims to Set TV’s on Fire, Giant Kindle Fires…

Gamers rejoice there is a new player in town; Amazon’s continuing plans for world domination are now expanding to include TV’s and gaming.

As the masters of content Amazon are continually developing new ways to access their library, continually expanding options for its customers. This time Amazon is hoping to turn every TV into an Amazon content delivery system, the Kindle of the gaming world.

Due out in the last quarter of 2014 Amazon hopes to shake up the status quo and in the process capture even more market share. Will their plans for content domination succeed?


highpants-amazon-console-lab126After successfully transitioning from analogue paper to digital content Amazon are about to enter the video game and TV streaming market.

The console is far more than simply an idea twinkling in Amazons eye, it is being demonstrated playing the current crop of Android games to numerous developers and interested parties, all have been shown the consoles potential.

Details of the consoles specifications are being kept under wraps very successfully by Amazon, all that is really known is that Lab 126, the developers of the Kindle, are in charge of the consoles development.

highpants-amazon-console-double-helixMany commentators are suggesting the console will cost around the $300 mark, but this is based on the incorrect assumption that because it is a gaming console Amazon will try to compete with Sony and Microsoft. This is a mistake; the console will be competing against Apple TV, WD Live and the multitude of Android micro consoles. In which case we should expect the console to be priced under $200, and maybe less if they are aiming to dominate that market from the start. It may well obliterate the Android console market as well as the streaming device market, Apple TV and WD Live watch out.

With over 200 million existing customers the console has a potentially massive market from the outset. The consoles gaming library will initially be based on the Kindle Fire’s current game library but with the purchase of Double Helix Games recently Amazon may have AAA titles for their new gaming gadget when it’s released towards the end of the year.

Amazon is the quiet achievers of the content world, quietly they move forward with their plans. Will their invasion of living rooms succeed? Here at Highpants we wouldn’t bet against them.

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