The Amazing D-Wave Quantum Computer…

Quantum computing has long promised to change the way we use computers, especially when it comes to solving the unsolvable. At the moment there is only one company producing quantum computers and that company is D-Wave Systems who are bringing science-fiction to life.

YouTubes Linus Sebastian of Linus Tech Tips was lucky enough to visit D-Waves head-office facility to see the D-Wave chips in action, a trip that seems more like a journey into the future than a drive down the road.

Our trusty old computers have changed the world we live in but there are some problems they struggle with. For example situations that require millions of inputs to be considered before providing an answer. Analysing chaotic systems such as people’s behaviour or finding patterns in random data sets are all problems outside of the traditional computers reach. Quantum computers on the other hand are the fast and efficient way to provide answers to these complex questions. Until recently though all of this was pure speculation as the hardware didn’t exist. In 2007 D-Wave changed all of this.

Even more incredible than having a working quantum computer chip is the technology that has been harnessed to allow this chip to work. Superconducting wires, close to absolute zero temperatures and quantum effects have all been mastered in order to produce a silicon version of our brain, which is in essence what a quantum computer is.

This is without doubt one of the most incredible pieces of technology in operation and many of the most powerful corporations in the world know this well. Google, NASA and the NSA have D-Wave technology in their labs now. With a D-Wave chip at your disposal cracking encryption and resolving passwords becomes child’s play. Sit back, relax and prepare to be amazed by this example of science fiction brought to life.

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