Alien Skulls discovered in Mexico, the Cemetery of the Gods…

Digging in the dirt can literally be like traveling back in time, especially if you know where to dig. The small town of Onavas Mexico is one such place, digging in the dirt on this occasion unearthed a very alien looking skull within a 1,000 year old cemetery.

The site known as El Cementerio was discovered in 1999 by locals digging new irrigation channels. So far 25 graves have been discovered in the cemetery, 13 of which exhibited artificial cranial deformation.

While most of the skulls appeared to be very human in appearance, with round eye sockets and normal jaw, one skull appeared a little different. Along with the deformed skull the eye socket, cheek and nose aren’t particularly normal in appearance. Combine all of these slightly unusual characteristics with the cone head shape and you have one very alien appearing skull, more than a little creepy looking.

“This was an Hispanic cemetery with 25 skulls, and 13 of them have deformed heads,” Moreno told ABC News today. “We don’t know why this population specifically deformed their heads.”

The dig
The dig

Cristina Garcia Moreno of Arizona State University published her initial research work in November, the team will return to the site later this year to continue their investigations. They are still to establish the exact size of the cemetery.  See the ABC News article for more information.

“With new information, we also hope to determine whether there was any interaction between these and Mesoamerican societies — how it was and when it happened,” they said.

Alien Astronaut theorists believe that purposeful deformation such as this is done in order to resemble the aliens once called gods. Some may even suggest that the skull in fact belonged to an alien or an alien human hybrid, both interesting possibilities at very the least.

 El Cementerio is without a doubt a very interesting archaeological discovery that may just have more surprises for us yet. Above all though the alien skull just really looks like an alien, or how we might imagine an alien would look.

Reference: ABC News

Above all though it just really looks like an alien, or how we might imagine an alien would look.