Alexander Gerst’s Earth Timelapses, Six Months in Space…

While the holiday season is filled with compilation videos of the year gone by, even Facebook is getting in the action with their Year in Review feature, this year there is also an abundance of time-lapse videos. One of the most stunning time-lapse videos to hit the wobbly web this week captures one astronaut’s incredible view from the International Space Station.

ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst patiently collected 12,500 Ultra HD images, constantly snapping away over his six month stay he managed to perfectly capture the view looking down on our amazing planet from the edge of space. The results of this creative endeavour are the simply stunning video ‘Alexander Gerst’s Earth Timelapses’.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the latest 4K time-lapse to be shot from up on high, a video that could be considered food for the soul. The images are stunning and the backing track rocks so pop this one into full screen and crank up the volume for this brief journey to space.

Reference: ESA YouTube