Aldebaran’s Nao Robot Now Half Price, also Learns Ninja Skills and how to Prank Call…

The world’s most popular humanoid robot Nao is used by over 600 Universities around the world to study and teach  everything robotic. Aldebaran Robotics humanoid robot is now available to the public and at half the price he will be walking out the door.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are the latest examples of Nao’s evolving skills, including his stint as a comedian specializing in prank calls to Siri. His Ninja abilities are also coming along nicely. Sit back relax and prepare to meet your new robotic friend.

highpants-nao-half-price-ninja5Nao the little robot that could is becoming more popular everyday and as his numbers grow so do the multitude of tasks people are teaching him. He is the robot soccer player of choice, has learned to climb stairs and ladders and now he is becoming a Ninja master. Not only is he learning new Ninja skills but he is also teaching people the Nao technique.

Nao is a great example of the current state of robotics, collectively where we stand. As it stands we are still programming individual skills that will eventually be combined into more complex tasks. AI is still a long way of and while it may technically be possible soon giving a robot free will may not be something we collectively decide is in humanities best interests. Elon Musk has recently commented how bad an idea he thinks this is, comparing it to raising demons.

Up until now Aldebaran’s humanoid robot has only been available to educational institutions, 600 universities currently use over 2,000 Nao’s to teach robots and humans. The loveable little robot can now be purchased by the general public at a new more affordable price of $7,990. Surfice as to say that this is the toy that every middle age boy wants this year, it may cost as much as a small car but it is the most advanced robot available to the public, and it is just plain cool.

Reference: Aldebaran