Alan Gogoll’s Stringscapes, Visible Sound…

The world of sound is naturally the realm of our ears but from time to time we get to experience a mild form of synaesthesia, the sensation of our senses become crossed, and in this case we get to see sound and the waveforms that it is constructed from.

Australian acoustic guitarist Alan Gogoll is well known around the world for his experimentation with Bells Harmonic, also sometimes called a pinched harmonic it is the generation of a bell like tone or harmonic by tapping and plucking the strings. In Alan’s latest videos we get to see these harmonic waveforms in action and they are both visually and audibly beautiful. Captured using specially constructed camera and guitar rigs the Stringscapes videos mix up your senses in the most stunning way.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are the Stringscapes videos along with a quick tutorial on Gogoll’s Bells Harmonic playing technique. Sit back relax and prepare for a treat that will stimulate your visual and audio senses simultaneously.

Reference: Alan Gogoll (Homepage)
Reference: Alan Gogoll (YouTube)