AI versus AI, the Hilarious Results of Two Chatbots Talking to Each Other.

Are you a robot or a unicorn? This question and other hilarious chit chat are the results of an experiment to see what would happen if two AI’s, in the form of Chatbots, are set loose on each other.

The experiment undertaken by Cornell’s Media Labs was more a question of curiosity than it was a test of the quality of AI generally available to the public. In this case the chatbot Cleverbot was chosen for the experiment. As with many AI chatbots Cleverbot learns from previous conversations in an effort to seem more human. A clever system that can lead to some hilarious where did that come from moments.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the funniest intelligence test undertaken since Watson learned to swear when he was connected to the internet. An experiment that raises the question of whether a more advanced AI like Watson would find chatbot boring? Or would Cleverchat find Watson stuck up? Sit back relax and prepare to enjoy the brave new world of AI.

Reference: SingularityHub