Age of Empires Fans Rejoice, World Domination AoE Style is Set to Return…

The original Age of Empires series set the standard for real-time strategy way back in 1997. The originals were beloved by many and this classic from the 90’s is still played by stalwarts around the world. Working your way through the many ages of humanities evolution in order to achieve world domination through war has never been so much fun and that fun is about to return in 4K glory. As we speak Microsoft is preparing the battlefield that will bring the franchise back to life with a brand new roman numeral, Age of Empires: IV along with Age of Empires: Definitive Edition, a remastering of the classics.

Originally produced by the now defunct Ensemble Studios the gauntlet has been passed to Relic Entertainment to bring this legend back to life, and the products of their labor are looking rather promising indeed. The 4K remastering that is the Definitive Edition will drag the AoE I, II and III into the modern world of gaming while the new version is hoped to bring the franchise back into the forefront of gaming, especially gaming of the real-time kind.

Fans of real-time strategy games will only need to wait until October 19 for the release of the definitive collection, the newest member of the franchise AoE: IV is still to have a release date set. All that is known at this point is that it will be a Windows 10 exclusive, finally the Windows Store will contain something worth shopping for. Here at Highpants we can’t wait to revisit the classics and dive into a brand new version of an old school real-time strategy classic.

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