Adult Wolf by Jack Black, When Teen Wolves Go Bad…

Jack Black is back, bringing laughs a plenty with Adult Wolf, a parody movie trailer for the follow up to the 80’s comedy hit Teen Wolf. The teen cult classic stared Michael J. Fox as the original basketball playing werewolf Scott Howard.

Skip thirty years into the future and we find Scott and his father Harold living in a trailer having hit hard times. Down on his luck Scott has no job, no girlfriend and one very annoying roommate.  Over the thirty years since the original Scott has transformed into a hairy Jack Black, having lost his ability to transform into his human form could life get any wore for everyone’s favorite slam dunking werewolf.

Adult Wolf sees Black team up with old buddy Kyle Glass, the two generations of Howard are joined by John C. McGinley, Rachel Bilson, Ed Begley Jr. and Jimmy Kimmel’s Live show team to tell the tale of this young teen wolf who had everything but lost it all.

Can Scott dig deep enough to inspire a basketball montage and win the girl or will the evil neighbor John win the day?