Action Movie Kid, Hollywood there’s a new Hero in Town…

Even super heroes were kids once. Action Movie Kid is a perfect example of where our favourite caped crusaders begin.  With each short clip another of his wondrous skills is perfected.

As with many super heroes the source of Action Movie Kid’s power is his father, in this case the aptly named ActionHeroDad. Dreamworks animator Daniel (Hashi) Hashimoto is the man behind the face, behind the mask, behind the little super hero in fluffy shoes. Hashi produced all of the videos using only Adobe After Effects and a playful three year old.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are the adventures of ActionHeroKid, join this pint sized action hero as he develops his unlimited talents. Sit back, relax and don’t tell Spiderman but there’s a new action hero in town.

Reference: ActionHeroKid YouTube

Reference: Daniel Hashimoto Facebook

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