A Working Paper V6 Engine.

Engines are the machines that power our world. Designs and concepts that have been developed and refined for hundreds of years. Interpreted and improved generation after generation to the point that we now we have the internal decompression engine made of nothing more than paper, along with hours of toil, sweet and imagination.

Constructed from nothing more than paper, cardboard, sticky tape, paper clips and super glue Aliaksei Zholner has managed to adapt the designs of a working V6 engine to create one stunning piece of paper craft. Running on breath stored in a balloon the engine spins to life when the compressed air in the balloon is fed through the cylinders.

Aliaksei is a man obsessed with engines having produced many stunning models over the years; a twin sterling engine tank, dry ice mini turbo prop and paper engines. Many people have pleaded with Aliaksei for designs but sadly he has been unable to find the time to produce instructions. Understandable as it would take longer to produce instructions than it took him to construct the miniature V6 powerhouse, about two weeks.

Reference: Aliaksei Zholner YouTube