A Rat Learns to Drive

The cat wars are entering a new phase as the animal arms race accelerates to the next level, the cat army is going to have to seriously lift its game. Not only are fish now able to drive a fish tank but now Rats are driving mobile armoured vehicles.

Developed by scientists at the University of Richmond the armoured rat-mobile has been constructed out of a tough transparent plastic (food container) retro fitted with steering controls and an electric drive train. Cats are going to need to arm themselves with scissors at the very least, ideally cats with flame throwers will be needed to be properly effective against the rats armoured vehicle.

As with many great weapons systems the new armoured rat-mobile was borne out of research into a completely unrelated subject, animal intelligence. Human scientists have long been fascinated with the nature of intelligence, especially the question of weather human intelligence is superior to animal intelligence. Ironically this experiment has answered the question with the discovery that all creatures that get behind the wheel of a car become idiots.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the rat who learned to drive the cat proof armoured vehicle. Prepare to be amazed by Ratomain Grosjean the formula one rat racer able to collect fruit loop rewards in record time.

Source: TechSpot
Source: NewScientist