A Glimpse in the Mind of a Psychopath? A Strange and Intense Video.

Empathy and understanding often offer us a brief glimpse into another person’s mind but rarely do we get to take a glimpse into a mind full of madness, and even more rarely do we get that glimpse and survive the encounter.

Stephen McDaniel may have such a mind. McDaniel’s was recently found guilty of the grisly murder of his neighbor and fellow law student Lauren Giddings, a case so disturbing that many in the media labelled McDaniel as truly evil. Soon after the murder McDaniel was interviewed by police and the two hour video (captured over 24 hours) gives a very unique glimpse into his mind. A video so strange that it raises questions about the very nature of who we are and the nature of evil. Is his a cold calculated performance dreamt up during his studies of law or is this evidence of something even stranger taking place? Is this a performance or is he a puppet?

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the strangest police interview released to the public in many years as well as the on the street news interview of McDaniel’s taken hours before the police interview. Sit back relax and prepare to be completely weirded out.

Reference: Macon News
Reference: DailyMail