500 Intel LED Drones, a Spectacular World Record!

Intel is well known for its ability to craft silicon, this week it has taken to setting world records with drones, 500 to be precise. After taking the record from a bunch of noodle eating students in 2015 Intel technicians decided to step it up this year and so 500 was decided on as the magic number.

The small industrial village of Krailling in Germany saw Intel, Guinness (counting clicker in hand), a few guests and an orchestra gather for a record attempting performance. For this performance Intel managed to gather and launch a fleet of custom drones so large that it was detectable by radar. The FAA had to be notified before launching each performance.

Intel developed its own drones or SPAXELS for the original record attempt, the latest generation drone the Shooting Star was used in the 500 SPAXELS performance.  The purpose built drone includes a 1 billion colour capable LED light ball, custom designed comms system and the key to achieving 500 drones in the air, very clever path planning software. Trying to set the path of so many drones is nearly impossible by hand so clever software was built that automates the path planning and allows automatic mapping from one shape to another.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the latest Intel drone video, the world record performance. Now if we could only figure out how to attach fireworks to the 500 drones we really could have the greatest show on earth. Sit back, relax and prepare to be amazed by the things that Intel gets up to when its bored with silicon.

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