3Doodler the 3D Printing Pen, Drawing in Thin Air…

The 3D printing revolution took an unexpected leap forward this week entering the world of the pen with the 3Doodler, the World’s first 3D printing pen. 3Doodler promises to add an entirely new dimension to sketches, art can now literally jump off the page.

3Doodler burst onto the scene as a brand new Kickstarter project, passing it’s $30,000 funding goal in just a few hours. Now a little over a month later it has collected nearly $150,000 in pledges. Currently just over 1,000 pens are still available for advanced order, they will sell out with days. The first production run of 3Doodlers will ship in September while a second shipment in October will be required to complete the Kickstarter orders.

Like a hot glue gun with a 3D printing head installed the 3Doodler uses a string of ABS or PLA plastic that is fed through the back, heated by the 3D print head, coming out of the pen pliable allowing anyone to draw any object that comes to mind.


The 3Doodler
The 3Doodler

The 3mm nozzle heats the plastic to 270C/518F by the time it has passed through the print head. The speed of the feed is controlled by two buttons mounted on the body of the pen, the slower speed allows enough time for the plastic to harden making 3D objects far easier to produce.

Drawing continuous objects isn’t the only option either, constructing 2D objects then welding them together with the pen is demonstrated as a far simpler construction technique. This technique also opens up the interesting ability to repair damaged plastic objects, welding parts back together and filling cracks and gaps. Here at Highpants we get the feeling that this is but the tip of the iceberg, once enough creative individuals get their hands on the 3Doodler we will see some incredible constructions.

Be under no illusion though, if your drawing skills are sadly lacking being able to draw in 3D won’t help your skills in the least, though this shouldn’t limit your ability to have fun. In the hands of the artistically inclined however the 3Doodler will be an incredibly impressive new medium.

No computer is required to put the pen to work, simply plug it in and get drawing in thin air. Wobbleworks also has a battery powered version in the works, though this will have to wait for version 2.

Prices for the 3Doodler vary depending on how early you jumped on board, first round pledgers paid only $50, once the pen hits retail at the end of the year the price will have risen to $99 USD.

Simple brilliance at work the 3Doodler may just be the greatest advancement in pen technology since the Astronaut Pen, bringing 3D printing to pen pockets around the world and taking the 3D printing revolution to strange and unexpected places.

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