3D Projecting Stadiums: The Toronto Maple Leafs versus the Atlanta Hawks…

If you see Romeo versus Juliet a thousand times it turns out the same each time but sport is different, sports is a night out with a surprising finish every time. A form of entertainment that is as popular as ever. While the games might stay pretty much the same the stadiums are evolving fast. Forget safety or lavatories the latest mind blowing addition to any great stadium is 3D Projection, a new talent that brings the court or rink to life in spectacular fashion.

Many stadiums throughout the US and Canada are being upgraded with projection capabilities, the start of 2015 saw nearly 50 in the US alone. The Atlanta Hawks home the Philips Arena and The Toronto Maple Leafs home the Air Canada Centre are two of the best examples of this technology executed spectacularly. Which is the best is hard to say, watch both videos and you decide.

Air Canada Centre
Air Canada Centre

The Philips Arena is the home of the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks and on the 1st of November 2014 it joined the 3D Projection club by fitting 8 26kw projectors. The images are crisp and bright while the power bills are large. So bright that a real feeling of depth and dimension is created, if the videos are anything to go by the halftime show is incredible.

The Toronto Maple Leafs blew their fans minds when they turned their ice rink into a massive display and put on a Hollywood sized pre-game show. The Air Canada Centre has been fitted out with the latest Lightware matrix equipment to control the six double staked 20Kw projectors that shoot light directly into the ice. The light show and thumping soundtrack do make for an impressive show.

Here at Highpants we did attempted to have a secret vote to decide a winner but unfortunately it was called off after some funny guy/girl named anonymous voted 10 times. So we simplified and I decided to call the Phillips Arena video our favourite next generation stadium video, at the moment.

Reference: Maple Leaf Technology
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Philips Arena
Philips Arena