3D Printings Next Frontier, Electronics and Circuit Boards…

The modern marvel of 3D printing is a technology still in its infancy. Like the Wild West new frontiers are being discovered all the time.

The latest frontier being explored by 3D printer manufacturers is the art of embedding electronics and circuits. From quick circuit board prototyping to printing entire electronic devices in one step 3D printers are getting interesting.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are videos that capture the next frontier of 3D printing, embedded electronics and the incredible technology making it all possible. Sit back, relax and let the future appear before you one layer at a time.

While printing an inanimate object can be incredibly useful and satisfying what if you wanted to print an entire electronic device? There is now a printer for that.

highpants-3D-Printing_Electronics-rabbitThe Rabbit Proto 3D printer demonstrated just such an ability recently printing an entire game controller in one go with the electronics embedded within the plastic.

The circuits and electronics are based on a special material developed for the process, Carbomorph. An electrically conductive hybrid material made from carbon black and the modelling plastic polymorph.

3D printing is even making circuit design and prototyping easier, dropping the prototyping cycle time down from weeks to minutes. The Cartesian Co’s EX1 for example is able to print circuits onto many types of material, producing fast conductive silver circuits on almost anything.

Again the secret to the 3D printing process on the EX1 is a special material that can work in an inkjet style print head. Using a two part solution the circuit is printed twice, the second solution causes a chemical reaction that forms the silver precipitate.

In this new frontier material and process will win the fight, materials science is about to become a gold mine.

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