NVIDIA Shield TV Pro: The King of Streamers Gets an Upgrade…

The Internets rumour mill has been steadily churning out whispers of a new NVIDIA Shield TV. In all honesty these rumours have been more wish and hope than reality, until now. This week eagle eyed shoppers noticed something new on Amazon, the Shield TV Pro.

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Free Game Alert: Grand Theft Auto – San Andreas

Action packed video games don’t get any bigger than Grand Theft Auto (GTA). Rockstars most famous game franchise is always controversial, always pushes the limits and its always fun. Now you can get a full copy (minus Hot Coffee mini game) of GTA: San Andreas for free by simply installing the Rockstar Launcher. Get in quick this one is only availble till the 8th of October.

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Free Game Alert: Destiny 2 Now Free to Play on Steam…

Game developer Bungie has finalised its divorce from Activision, both have now parted ways, and we are all the winners of this new arrangement. With all the vigour of a divorcee on a Friday night out Bungie has let Destiny 2 loose, converting it to a free to play game via Steam.

Bungies entire back catalogue has now moved from its old home at Battle.net to its post-divorce accommodation at Steam. Bungie hasn’t neglected its old fiends either, all current Battle.net accounts can be easily migrated to Steam keeping your gaming history intact.

Fellow lovers of free wares jump onto Steam and secure your copy of the now free to play Destiny 2 Shadowkeep. Now that Destiny 2 is a Free To Play title there is of course no deadline inspired rush but remember the longer you wait the more action you will miss. Prepare to light up the moon with all of the hellacious gunfire and destruction this reborn shooter has to offer.

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