Microsoft SharePoint Online: A New Type of Business Fabric.

In this ever increasingly connected world the internet has come to influence every aspect of our individual lives. Now this influence is spreading to the collections of individuals we call businesses. The next internet revolution it seems will be a private one, the private internal intranets that help a business run will be the difference between a business succeeding or not. The difference between a small nimble business and a large inflexible behemoth.

Leading the charge of these private intranets is SharePoint Online, Microsoft’s all in one solution for creating a flexible and dynamic fabric to share information, collaborate on business processes and keep the wheels of business turning in the smartest way possible. This is SharePoint in the Cloud and it may just be the future of business.

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Red Bull Rampage 2017, Insanity on 2 Wheels has Never Looked So Spectacular.

Red Bull loves to promote all things extreme in the sporting world but their Red Bull Rampage is arguably one of the most spectacular events their extreme minds have come up with. With stomach churning action, death defying leaps of faith and some of the most highly skilled mountain bike riders skirting along the cliffs of Virgin, Utah the 2017 Rampage is without a doubt the peak of extreme sports. Just watching the videos may cause some to break out in a cold sweet and vertigo induced head spins.

This years event was taken out by Canadian Kurt Sorge who became the first three time winner in the events history. Cam Zink and Rampage rookie Ethan Nell took out send and third places respectfully.

Presented for you viewing insanity is the craziest action on two wheels to be presented by Red Bull, an event that has redefined getting air with action that requires nerves of steel and a sense of balance that may just be verging on super human. Sit back and relax, but be sure to hang on tight and buckle yourself into your chair for this one, it really will cause your head to spin with the real chance of you falling out of your chair.

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The Soup Robot, The Queen of Crappy Robots Strikes Again.

The queen of crappy robots Simone Giertz has been hard at work tinkering in her girl shed once again, working slavishly away on a new robotic creation designed to make her life easier. This time around Simone has put her genius to work creating a robot that will feed a bowl of soup to her without her needing to lift a finger, until she has to clean up in any case.

Simone’s YouTube channel ‘Simone’s Robots’ is full to the brim of interesting robots that may or may not fulfil their intended purpose. What they do demonstrate is a level of genius that puts Simone  smack in the middle of the mad scientist category, while evil genius may still be out of reach she is developing a well worn reputation for hilariously mad contraptions.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the latest creation of our favorite mad scientist, the Soup Robot. A robot that may just be the unfortunate love child of her Beer Robot and the Breakfast Machine, while only being just slightly less dangerous than both. Sit back relax and prepare to marvel at the wonder of this latest creation, for those in the front row be sure to adorn your raincoat, this one gets a little messy.

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Primitive Technology: Making a Natural Draft Furnace.

If you find yourself in a post-apocalyptic world there is one man you want in your new village, John Plant of the Primitive Technology website. Via his Primitive Technology site John has assembled a multitude of incredible videos that can teach you how to survive and thrive in a world where your two hands are the only technology you have to rely on.

Shot in far North Queensland the videos document projects ranging from a primitive hut that includes a ceramic tiled roof and the blast furnace you will need to make the tiles. Other fascinating projects include a water powered hammer and fresh water prawn traps. Everything is made using materials available in the bush and provides a fascinating look back at how humanity once thrived in the rain-forests of the world. If you thought living without your mobile phone for a day was a challenging experience try living in the jungle Primitive Technology style.

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Max Headroom Gets Older and Funnier…

Seminal 80’s TV series Max Headroom was a ground breaking science fiction show that is steadfastly embedded in many people’s memories, those old enough to remember it in any case. The series featured Matt Frewer portraying Edison Carter, a reporter struggling to fight against the mega corporations of a not too distant dystopian future. Some may even say that it wasn’t that far off the mark as it turns out. After putting up the good fight against his corporate masters Frewer’s character is left near death thanks to a car accident, at this point men in white lab coats decide to let him live on as an AI, Max Headroom. A name attributed to his final memory as a man, a Maximum Headroom 2.6 meters sign.

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Slinky Kung Fu versus Tai Chi Roboto…

Martial arts crazy China has found a way to involve their favourite forms of physical activity into almost all aspects of life, it permeates their entire culture. While we in the west were letting slinkies simply stroll down the stairs they were applying the laws of Kung Fu to the magnificently colourful coils of plastic. Robotics is no exception either, the very moment they imbued these metal mechanical machines with intelligence they set out to teach them the art of moving without moving, it’s only natural it seems.

Today for your consideration are two videos that demonstrate just how far the Chinese will go to improve the world through martial arts, Slinky Kung Fu and Tai Chi Roboto. Which is the superior style of martial art and which would win in a street fight? We’ll let you decide which is the superior discipline. Here at Highpants we have a sneaking suspicion the slinky would win through sheer confusion and entanglement. So, sit back relax and let the martial arts displays begin.

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Musical Calculators, Too Cool for School…

While many of us might have thought it hilarious to see 80085 typed onto our trusty Casio calculator imagine how much trouble we could have gotten into if we had known you could play the Super Mario theme song on it too. Quirky YouTube channel ‘It’s a small world’ knows only too well what can be achieved with a calculator and a nimble pair of hands and they are leading a very curious trend of converting these digital number cruncher’s into ditty playing devices.

The humble Casio MG-880 may have been one of the first calculators to allow the mathematically obsessed to also express their musical talents but there is now a whole new generation of calculators favored by the current generation of musical mathematicians, most notably the Dragon Night AR-7778 and AR-8001, both available for around $20.

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Puddles Pitty Party: Where Is My Mind? and Under Pressure!

Our favorite sad clown has returned to the small screen once more to perform classic covers in the unique style that only he can. The latest video sees Puddles cover the Pixies deeply insightful and harrowing track ‘Where Is My Mind?’. While the second power ballad given the sad clown treatment is Queens ‘Under Pressure’, a soulful rendition of this classic given a slight mashup treatment. Both letting Puddles stretch his booming vocals and exercise his emotive style.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are the latest performances by Puddles, the saddest clown in the world. Here at Highpants we would love to see Puddles tour Australia and ask incessantly when will Puddles tour down under. Please take a trip over the Pacific and you’ll realize how many fans you have over here. Now its time to sit back relax and let the pitty party begin.

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The First Giant Fighting Robot Duel was Amazing, the Future Begins Here…

The culmination of years of intensive design and construction has led to this one single moment, a moment that has seen one of the most striking images of science fiction come to life before our very eyes. The world finally has real fighting giant robots, heavy steel crafted in our own image and controlled by our own hands.

This week in an abandoned steel mill in Japan the future became juxtaposed with the present as the very first battle of the giant robots took place, a battle that introduced the world to every anime and science fiction fans dream.

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